Why are Democrats still pushing their so-called “Healthcare reform”?

Why are Democrats still pushing their so-called “Healthcare reform”?

Question by Mutt: Why are Democrats still pushing their so-called “Healthcare reform”?
The People have spoken loud and clear, but the Democrats still insist on trying to cram their so-called “Healthcare reform” down our throats. Are they suppose to represent the People, or their own agenda?

And what kind of “Healthcare Reform” is it that doesn’t do anything about the root cause of the problem? If they really want to reform it, go after the actual cost of the care, not the insurance companies.

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Answer by zzsleepur
It wasn’t the citizens of Mass…but the AMERICAN PEOPLE that spoke. The INDEPENDENTS (democrats) of Mass that said last night they voted for BOZO…but do not want secrecy, deceit, bribes, partisanship, and LIES! DOES ANYONE LISTEN to the voters after they vote? They TELL you why they vote as they do. IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW WHY..not just that it happened.

3/4ths of the DEMOCRATS that voted for OBAMA said last night…. ..the country is too far left and it isn’t ONLY about health care…but the POLITICS that got it where it is.

THEY ARE SAYING NO TO PROGRESSIVES….not the democratic party. Do you NOT understand what was REALLY AT STAKE HERE? Are you so BLIND to think only TWO PARTIES were at war here?

MOST of AMERICA wants smaller government, smaller taxes, better jobs and better responsiblity and defense for our country. They are TIRED of being a laughing stock and taken down a road where there is no return. We had a chance to TURN BACK and take a step back and Independents and AMERICANS in Mass had courage and strength to say…..IT STOPS HERE!

UNDERSTAND…this is not a war between two parties. THIS IS A WAR FOR AMERICA….and as dramatic as it sounds….you can live in denial all you want….but most of AMERICA gets it.

This health care bill has NOTHING IN IT for good health care. TOO MANY PROBLEMS and why you cannot see this is NOT ABOUT HEALTH CARE …but THE TAKING OVER OF AMERICA is beyond me.

This health care bill is about control and power…it leaves MORE AMERICANS without care…and will provide illegals with care when 54 MILLION AMERICANS WILL NOT HAVE IT. Do you NOT UNDERSTAND THIS?

This is NOT about parties….this is not about republicans and democrats….this is not about health care. This is about PROGRESSIVES TAKING OVER AMERICA!

Want some information to read about what he is really doing? THIS IS FACT AND BACKED UP BY VIDEO OF ACTUALLY HEARINGS…..


Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed

Panelists warn of the revival of eugenics under Obama’s modern healthcare through the denial of care to millions who would be judged ‘not fit to live’, just as in Nazi Germany.

Historian Anton Chaitkin also alleges that Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Rahm Emanuel, in working with Obama, has also called for the Hippocratic oath to be ‘junked.’


this tells you what we have lost…

You should watch this by Judge Napolitano! It is how we have allowed power to get our government by the neck and how we have lost rights and freedoms and how our constitution is at risk now.

We are losing so much even today. The right to be heard, the right to be represented, the right to speak, the right to choose…….and most of that is from THIS ADMINISTRATION! We are losing more in this last year than in a decade!

Watch this….and understand…where we were…where we are and how we got here. VERY INTERESTING!

Progressives….republican or democrat progressives….BEWARE! YOU ARE OUT!

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  1. so, the people of Mass represent America?

    MAYBE we should pass a bill just like the health care they have in Mass, since they are all of America?


    how do you go after the actual cost of care? cap doctor salaries?

  2. Health Care has always been the Holy Grail of the Leftists it represents not reform but a vehicle to impose their will upon the people and make us all slaves of the State.

  3. Because it is what is best for America. The easy option would be to give in to the lies and half truths spread by the right, and either go for no reform, or reform that has not been shown to work anywhere on the planet.

    Or America can go for Obama’s reforms which have been shown to work in other nations both with lowering costs and improving heath outcomes.

    Why does no other developed nation have the US model of healthcare? Because in the US model, insurance companies use death panels to deny care to those they are meant to cover. And then they raise costs [1]. Not only does the USA spend more on healthcare than any other nation [2], it finds itself bottom of the table when it comes to preventable deaths due to treatable conditions when it comes to developed nations [3]. The sad thing is that rather than focus on these things, the right spreads lies and half truths about the reforms and how healthcare works abroad [4]. But, if you think that my points are wrong, e-mail me with proof.

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