What Battlestar Galactica taught me about Health Care “Reform”

What Battlestar Galactica taught me about Health Care “Reform”

bytestyle.tv “Politicians tell us free market health care system does not work, but we have not had a free market for decades.” READ: www.downsizedc.org www.downsizedc.org www.breakthematrix.com new report from the Congressional Budget Office: * To put this proposal would result in a net increase in the federal budget deficit of 0.0 trillion of * According to CBO, this legislation will leave at least 36 million Americans without insurance * It will force at least 23 million Americans to give up health insurance they have. * There would be no change in current law on Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). CONTACT YOUR REPS: www.downsizedc.org From DownsizeDC.org: The government already pays nearly half of all health services. This means that we are half-socialized already. Starting with depression era wage and price controls, and continued government fiscal policy, politicians have made Americans dependent on their jobs to get health insurance. State government policy has made insurance too expensive by piling on special interest mandates dictate specific types of coverage. Medicare and Medicaid have fixed prices we pay for health benefits, causing the extraordinary paradox of both price inflation and shortages in areas like primary care. * * * * * This warning was made possible by my amazing sponsors: Midas Resources: bit.ly The Leadership Institute: leadershipinstitute.org Berkey Light Water Filters directive21.com More info
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  1. @stddgv11 “cultist” is right, as these are beliefs that are maintained despite the facts, and not formed from considering the facts. At that point it has more in common with religious faith than a reasoned perspective. You heard him, he and his economic theorists have NEVER been wrong, and NONE of what I mentioned caused the problems. To claim to never be wrong when there figuratively exists a mountain of evidence that you are totally wrong, takes a boat load of blind faith.

  2. @jaxeedcom I agree, this is the problem with arguing libertarian, Ron Paul cultists. They live in Looney Tune land and think no taxes, unfettered capitalism, and regulation free markets solve everything. Even after the last few decades of historically low taxes and the stripping of regs.
    And what were the results. Desimation of the middle class and an economic collapse not seen since the great depression, And they have the balls to suggest even more of the same nonsence.

  3. @apell711 Yeah well, I guess we wont get any further here. You deny the reality of the health insurance industry, and you deny the realities of the financial crises, seemingly only to maintain to never have been wrong. However, if you ever feel like putting your ideas to the challenge, I’d urge you to give Sam Seder a call at the Majority Report, as he seems to be under pretty much the same impression as me. I can guarantee you he will let you on and letting you speak making your points.

  4. @jaxeedcom I could say the same thing. I don’t subscribe to John Maynard Keynes or Paul Krugman because they’ve consistently been wrong. You find me an Austrian economist who’s EVER been wrong and I’ll tip my hat to you. Keynesian economics is wrong. Always has been and always will be.

  5. @apell711 WOW, so you are literarly denying reality now. How fascinating how you and Paul apparently thinks you know better then the worlds leading economists, including the nobel prize winning once. Its not just Ron Paul who predicted the financial crises, you know. Though others turned out to be more correct in their predictions then Paul, as it certainly was the unregulated derivitives trading and high risk sub-prime bundling that became a problem. Denying that is lunacy at this point.

  6. @jaxeedcom Those things did not cause the financial crisis. This financial crisis was predicted piece-for-piece by free market economists who saw that it was regulations and government interference in business that would cause it. Youtube “Ron Paul predictions” or “Peter Schiff predictions.” They know more than I do about this.

  7. @apell711 How am I getting at the wrong colprit? The government didn’t create the OTC markets, the derivitives trading or any of the financial systems that caused the financial crises. Only a minority of the suppliers of sub-prime morgages where under any regulation, so its a joke to claim the government had anything to do with that too. The banks on Wall St. knew the government would be on the hook for their careless lending, so thats why they did it. Deregulation crashed the economy.

  8. @apell711 And in regards to the financial crises, it is an undeniable fact that if GS had not been repealed, the crises would not have happened. The government did not force the banks and morgage firms to make and package sub-prime morgages. They were making huge amounts of money doing it. The riskier the loans the higher the commissions. Your beloved free market MADE the crises happen with their greed, due to the government giving them free reign to do so. Deflecting blame just becomes silly.

  9. @apell711 You are missing the point entirely for some reason, and I would rather not have to go in circles. I don’t know why it is so hard for you to understand this, but your ideas of the free market magically fixing everyting is increasingly proving to be a fantasy. Don’t you see how it has failed when you within an affordable range have the choice between bad, worse and no coverage? It’s not just to switch when there is no better alternatives! Your simplistic answers do not apply anymore.

  10. @jaxeedcom It’s not a matter of being unpleased. It’s a matter of an insurance company not fulfilling their contractual obligation. If you’re unpleased, you can find a better agency. If they fail to uphold their end of the contract, they can be sued. The repeal of GS was not the cause, it was that the state had given the banks the backing to become too big to fail in the first place. The repeal opened the door for the monster but the government fed the monster in the first place.

  11. @apell711 It is amazing to see you say this, when what you describe as a hypothetical idea is exactly what happens right now, experienced by millions of americans every year. The thing with healthcare and other essential services is that people really need it, and can’t just go quitting their contracts if their not pleased. Your theory that the markets can selfregulate, was proven false when they caused the financial crises after the repeal of Glass Steagal. CRA is just a scapegoat.

  12. @jaxeedcom Then they won’t have a source of revenue when all of a sudden, their customers are quitting their contracts, writing bad reviews and no one is buying. There is an incentive to do honest business – more business. This fundamentally flawed idea that if the government isn’t watching your insurance agent, they’ll take your money and run is what’s propelling the ignorant Keynesian movement.

  13. @apell711 Yes, and that would indeed appear to be your freedom… untill all your alternatives are different veriants and levels of being screwed – as with the US healthinsurance industry. Then what choice do you have? Choosing the provider you believe and hope wont screw you over too bad if you get properly sick, or go without coverage and be utterly screwed if you get sick? Thats some freedom you’ve got there. Indeed.

  14. @Bubblegumblue69 – its much eazier to type USA instead of America – we USAns are like that cuz “FEDERAL name” is a foreign corp like the U.S. controlled by Brtitain global criminals = NOT american
    they were allowed to infiltrate n control our constitution AGAINST us
    + they put junk in our water + food to DUMB DOWN us all  SO dont bash us ppl for the problems our fore fathers hav left us with = do reaserch before mouthing off wut you THINK
    maybe u hav no freedom=we had it + we’ll get it back

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