So what do ya think,is this “healthcare reform” legislation constitutional?

So what do ya think,is this “healthcare reform” legislation constitutional?

Question by Oba Mao: So what do ya think,is this “healthcare reform” legislation constitutional?

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Answer by Lib Basher
absolutely not. Forcing All of america to do anything of anykind is unconstitutional

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  1. Is it constitutional, meaning is it written in and approved by the constitution, then not explicitly.

    But is it unconstitutional…no it is not, not even close.

  2. That’s what I wonder. If healthcare reform passes, and it includes mandatory insurance whereas you can be fined or jailed for not having it….wouldn’t the Supreme Court have to find that aspect of it unconstitutional? Where in the Constitution can they force insurance on you?

  3. Providing for the well fare and well being of all Americans is what the government is tasked to do under the Constitution.

    I know you don’t read it and pretend that *anything* a Democratic President does is “bad”, “socialist”, or something else equally demeaning…but the we need reform if we’re going to have a shot at curbing the skyrocketing costs of health care.

    Even if it means inconveniencing people like you. :0)

  4. But we have politicians
    whose specialty is to get around the constitution
    The U S constitution is nothing but a nuisance to these people
    and they don’t care about the U S constitution at all

  5. No.

    Participation in interstate commerce is a federal privilege, that isn’t supposed to be used to compel Americans to buy something against their will.

    If you read the Federalist Papers, it’s a state’s right issue as well.

    Also, the Constitution states the federal government is responsible for “PROMOTING the general welfare”, not providing it.

  6. We force people to wear seat-belts, we force people (with little exception) to get inoculations and to go to schools. We force people to do a lot of things… if those are Constitutional… then this is in the same way.

    Centralized medical records (while a good idea for “streamlining” purposes) may be closer to un-Constitutional than forcing people to have insurance. There would have to be a lot of oversight of the “blind program” that regulated it.

  7. For the first time in history, the Federal government is proposing to FORCE you to buy something or you ultimately face IMPRISONMENT.

    SOMEHOW the Obama supporters are failing to understand the historical significance of this act.

    NO, it is not constitutional. The PROBLEM is that you must FIRST let it pass… before it can be challenged and appealed to the Supreme Court.

    The BEST thing to do is STOP Obama’s health care disaster IN THE MAKING. TRY the Republican plans which start with following the SUCCESSFUL model of auto insurance! Buy it across state lines, make it competitive, the the free market forces COMPETE for business….

    The Dem plan is a DISASTER on so many levels, it MUST be stopped!

  8. Absolutely. It is something that should have been done years ago. It is good to see that America is finally catching up with the rest of the world.
    The government already requires people to buy insurance on their cars so it makes sense that the government could order people to be self reliant and buy health insurance.

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