Ron Paul on Healthcare Reform (CNN American Morning)

Ron Paul on Healthcare Reform (CNN American Morning)

Show: CNN American Morning Channel: CNN Date: 7/22/2009 www.ronpaul.comron

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  1. yeah well unfotuntalyu for you, yours is worse :

    who brought the crisis to the wolrd, you, twice…

    and concerning deficit : our country pays 2 times less GDB than yours on healthcare in the end anyway. because 50 millions americans aren’t covered, are misusing drugs, or don’t get prevention treatments, about 100 000 lives could be saved per year if you had a system close to ours, while 65% of middle class americans got bankrupted because of healthcare issues.

  2. Yes everyone is covered, but the question is does it sustainable or should it be financed through deficit, and I guess you have a deficit every year and it is caused by social programs such as pensions, unemployment benefits and health care. He is talking about how to create the system where government don’t borrow a penny on health care and an individual has his own account and pay into it. If you would have you would be more carefully not to broke your leg.


    we do pay for it but less than you and for a better quality.

    so that i can afford to be cured wether i broke my leg or get cancer, wether i should get teeth fixed or get a new pair of glasses

    but dont get me wrong we do pay, with taxes,
    in the taxes are also unemployment period (so that i can be paid at 80% of my salary when im unemployed for a determined period of time), retirement, and pension Insurance, so that im insured in every emergency of life


    and after the 3rd day of illnes, your boss get to pay you your average salary. it is called payed illness days, just like he pays you your holydays, isn’t that great?


    the funny thing is that they also give us more meds than we actually need, that is why, in every home, we have our own pharmacy of meds we’ve stocked from our last illness so somteimes we don’t even have to go to the doc, not cause we can’t afford it but because we still have the treatment ;), and 2 last things, if you’re so ill u can’t move, u can call up for a doc to come visit you (wich is slithly more expensive, about 30 to 60, so u just do that in case of emergency)


    meds aren’t expensive either, you wanna know why? well 1st we dont have insurance company making war to get the highest prices, they can’t control meds prices, and they have to compete with the healthcare by providing the most at a lower price. So then, we have generic meds, wich are less expensive, and there again most of them will be covered both by the healthcare and you insurance company.


    a day in a hospital is 70 euros, of wich 80% is paid, so its 14 of your pocket if you dont have an additional coverage (wich you usually do). then again it is not a communist country, you can choose, the doctor, the clinic, the hospital, and no if you’re about to die you dont wait in lines (where does that come from), then of course if its not an emergency and you go to a fancy doc, u get an appoitment (rendez-vous we say) and the day of the procedure is fixed.


    a doctor visit cost in fact 23 euros, of which 17 is paid by the healthcare system, and then if you have a private insurance, they pay the rest (and i pay only 30euros for them per month) so i can go the doc 20 times per month if i want, and even without i would pay 6 euros 😉 and believe me docs here, are still rich.

  9. let me tell you real facts from an average frnech guy


    waiting for my family doctor, yes depending on the day and hour (if its when everyone shows up after work, of course i’ll have to wait, if its thursday morning, no) so waiting line, between 5 mn to 30 mn, but if you have an emergency, you just go to the hospital, or even call for a doc to come at your house within 15 mn… how about that.

  10. this guy is a joke, 1st of all, if you’d have a universal healhcare system like us (in france) you’d still have the choice of getting a private insurance, the only thing it would do, is make the insurance more competitive… for you. Healthcare here, isnt free, you pay taxes for it, so that everyone is covered, and it is right that no one should die on the streets. the rich are still rich, and the poor are less poor and healthier, how can it be evil?

  11. @SpendAllYourMoney Wake-up America, please. Ron Paul clearly cares about your prosperity AND your freedom. For him to go against the grain like this shows his great courage, his steadfast conviction, and his principled dedication. Vote Ron Paul 2012. Best Wishes from New Zealand 🙂

  12. A judge in Florida on Mon became the second judge to declare Obama’s healthcare reform law unconstitutional, in the biggest legal challenge yet to fed authority to enact the law. This Obama needs to GO… I have never seen a more lazy president in the White House. But he sure likes the party’s I can’t wait till hes’ gone.

  13. CNN is fairer then other in this important matter. But, still can we trust them? I want to, but I just have doubt about TV stations in general. bless us all.

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