Q&A: Why do some people call Healthcare Reform “Communism” when there isn’t even a National Health Insurance Plan?

Q&A: Why do some people call Healthcare Reform “Communism” when there isn’t even a National Health Insurance Plan?

Question by Technicolor Universe: Why do some people call Healthcare Reform “Communism” when there isn’t even a National Health Insurance Plan?

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Answer by Auzy–Conservative 2.0
people = Fox News

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  1. A good sized portion of the people who are against the current plan are not in favor of the status quo, but for some good ol’ communist-style single payer health coverage. Me included.

  2. Cause people who hate Obama say everything he does or supports is communism; case in point, the recently passed health care reform, which was based on principles laid down by a well known Republican, Richard Nixon.

  3. people don’t even know what the healthcare reform bill is; nobody has bothered to read it
    we dont have national healthcare like canada, we have something else

    but i agree with some ppl before me “Fox News uses communism to scare people”

  4. Well for beginners, the people get a substandard health care program while the government officials have a different and better one, People are being forced to have insurance or be fined, People that have private insurance are going to be taxed on that because it is likely better that what the government can offer.

  5. The massive health care law the Democrats passed is designed to drive all private insurance companies out of the health insurance business by making them prohibitively expensive. At the same time it offers the Government plan at artificially low rates. If left unchecked, it will have the same result; rationed health care.


  6. It’s simple, and it’s unfortunate.

    It’s simple, the answer is that most people haven’t the depth of education to distinguish between Fascism, Communism, or Dictatorship. The term “communism” is used to generically describe Statism, of which Communism is one form, Fascism and Dictatorship are others. When they call it “communism,” they are just expressing their displeasure with the fact that the government is doing this, despite there being no Constitutional authority for it at all.

    It’s unfortunate, because people with enough education to know the difference use the error to justify dismissal of their actual concern, thereby paving the way for more Statism in the future.

    Hide and watch.

  7. Because they have fallen for the lies and half truths of the right.

    It surprises me that so many Americans seem not to be aware about Obama’s healthcare plans [a]. During the election, he campaigned for these changes stating that he felt it was unfair to have a system where insurance companies try to escape paying claims and was elected to bring in changes [b].
    First of all, too many people do not know that Obama wants to make insurance more available to all. His system is similar to that which works in Holland, Taiwan [c] and Switzerland. It works there and private healthcare companies provide most the insurance to the people there.
    FACT – the USA spends more on healthcare PER PERSON than any other nation on the planet [d].
    FACT – insurance companies admit that they push up costs, buy politicians and do not pay out for many claims when they should [e].
    FACT – the US has higher death rates for kids aged under five than western European countries with universal health coverage [f].

    That means that a dead American four year old would have had a better chance of life if they were born in Canada, France, the Netherlands, Cuba, Switzerland, Germany, Japan etc, all of which have universal health coverage. And no western European nation with universal healthcare has moved away from it. And the sad thing is, that the insurance companies have spent loads of money to fight these reforms [g] and loads of politicians are taking the thirty pieces of silver from them to fight the reforms, rather than fight for the health of the American people.

    Remember, I back my facts up with evidence. Those who say they are wrong tend not to. If they are wrong, e-mail me with proof and let me know.

  8. It’s a scare tactic.

    And by the way, there is a national health insurance plan. It’s called Medicare. It’s simply restricted to senior citizens. But that’s not socialism or communism, don’t you know.

  9. How can it be Communism when we will be forced to buy health insurance from private companies?

    This type of dictatorship is controlled more by corporations than it is by government functionaries.

  10. I know, right?

    I mean it wasn’t actually a Holocaust until they killed the first Jew. Those people who were screaming about the Auschwitz coming were so out of line.

    They didn’t know for certain how bad it would be…did they?

  11. You don’t need to have a bill in hand for it to meet the first test of whether it is communism or not.

    Do you decide, or does the government decide FOR YOU.

    Obama says it will cost YOU 700.00 per month. That’s A LOT more than I pay for private insurance and I’m self employed.

    700, eh? That’s almost a house payment.

    When Hilary said that the Democratic party does not want any more rich people in this country…I guess they meant it.

    I think by “more rich people”, she meant YOU.

  12. they do that because they do not know what communism is. The obamacare plan is not communistic.
    it is socialistic but no more so that the social security system, the welfare system, the public school system, etc etc.
    Socialism has been creeping forward for many years now and the U.S.A. has become less than the republic but more than a third world police state.

    At any rate, every time the government messes with something, that something returns to us completely hosed. The same thing will happen once they bureaucrats get their claws into our healthcare system.

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