Pros & Cons of the Health Care Reform Bill

Pros & Cons of the Health Care Reform Bill

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  1. I’m going to open a pizza place in my town. But first I’m going to pass a law that forces the people in my town to buy pizza 3 times a week.

    I wonder if I’ll make any money…

  2. @SilentmanX3 at least we know that if we get a life threatening injury we don’t have to think, damn it we cant afford the treatment o well Ill just die in a ditch somewhere.

  3. @theclash06013 Making it illegal for insurance companies to be traded on wall street would not f*ck the insurance companies at all, it would only make them accountable to policy holders instead of greedy investors, who force them to make more money next quarter than last quarter in order to line the investors pockets.

  4. @hlfx925 Maybe you have, but my sister’s friend got leukemia. She didn’t have good care so she wasn’t able to get the best help…she passed away last year. It costs 15,000 for radiation therapy; who can afford that? People are getting help NOW. They get to pay a 6000 premium to pay for those expensive therapies…it is a lot but it is better than the 15000 before. It is also reducing waste in the Medicare system.

  5. @imthatcreepyguy123 This is, as the guy in the video said, a bandaid. It adds some more regulation and opens centers to keep people healthy, but it doesn’t fix the core problem. However, it is a necessary step in the right direction, these people need help. This bills also SAVES money in the long run.

  6. @rhmetz104 but at what cost? we Americans always want to help the needy and remain oblivious to the more bigger situations, so instead of putting more money into creating a new reformed healthcare why not just fix what we already have

  7. @hlfx925 It is helping people who were denied by insurance companies. Like people with cancer. They need it but they are a “bad investment” so they don’t get it.

  8. Limitations? I don’t see how it limits anyone. It makes people accountable for paying their own health care bills and makes sure health insurance companies cannot be jerks and refuse coverage to those who need it most.

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