Palin CBS Interview: Bailout = healthcare reform

Palin CBS Interview: Bailout = healthcare reform

Sarah Palin tells Katie Couric that the bailout is about a health care reform … and job creation … and expenditure reductions … reducing taxes .. and trade
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Keith Olbermann yells Sen. John Thune, Sen. John McCain, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans – which he argues “owns” the insurance industry – and a few Democrats, too – especially the “blue dogs” – in a “Special Comment “.
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  1. It is so easy to see in this video that Palin was just totally clueless on this question. She is just mindlessly spitting out talking points like a broken political robot. I half expected to see a spring pop out of her mouth and steam to squirt out of her ears. So scary that this might have been our VP, and possibly even President.

  2. Oh ma Gawd! Barrok Obama is a durty comminist tryin to get helth care to por peoples oh shit we better pray to Sarah Palin and hope Ronald Reagan comes back as a super zombie to´╗┐ save us or we iz all doomed!

  3. NO! NO! NO! to this health care bill; it all sounds good when Obama gets on the air waves blowing smoke up people’s ASS! What he isn’t saying is under this new Health Care Plan the parents or parent with children has to keep there child on there health care plan until they reach the age 26! I’ve always been a Democrat and even voted for Obama, but I must agree with the rep on this one there is parts of this bill that really “stinks”, and the public is in for a very rude awaking should this pass.

  4. Netherland & Switzerland, 99% coverage and no public plan, but insurance companies are regulated like utility companies. Taiwan & Singapore have best medical care system in the world, 99% coverage, high quality, NO WAITING, and they are government run with less 5% GDP. Unreasonable premium, preexisting condition exclusion, changing drug formulary, deny treatment, medicare drug GAP for Senior are just plain wrong. Come on my fellow American, let us fix the healthcare for our children sakes!

  5. YES!!!

    When I grow up, I want to be a Healthcare Insurance Company, so that I can screw over as many innocent Americans as possible through denial of care and exorbitant premiums. Thank you Sarah Palin for protecting my dream.

  6. Well you know that you’re educated when you refer to the President as an “EPIC FAIL”…. George Bush is an example of an “EPIC FAIL”… Your mother is an example of an “EPIC FAIL” because she sadly brought a dumb hick like you into the world.

  7. Not since F. Roosevelt any president is elected to change the direction of our country wiyh huge debt, in the verge banckrupcy, with two wars and all public policies (what makes any nation civilized)are nutured.Give the man a chance! He has a good agenda, excellent work ethics, good administration to save this nation falling further behind and becoming a third rate power with nukes, behind Europe, Japan and even China. Especially in terms of Health Care and Education.

  8. @liberalmike1994 – and Keith is a fair and balanced, political genius along with NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, Progressive Talk Radio, etc. (sarcasm).

  9. Fuck everyone who hates on Olbermann – at least he speaks the truth unlike our alleged corrupt representatives and politicians (i.e, George W Bush). Obama inherited the stupid mess that Bush created. At least Obama didn’t lie to the american people or raise our taxes, and his healthcare proposal isn’t completely dominated by the government. Stop listening to Fox Noize and do your research people.

  10. Lol Axeman go to school where you can waste your time on REAL debates.
    Not where you can hide your face while you cry and troll other idiots on youtube.

  11. I used to like Keith Olbermann when he was on ESPN and I used to like Al Franken when he was on SNL – they are both political self-righteous, one-sided punks.

  12. You find him now on Current TV, some channel that like 23 people have. Call your cable company and they will tell you they haven’t heard of it either. Hahahaha ! FIRED and now soon to be forgotten.

  13. People who oppose this public option only do it because they’ve been misled by politicians (who had already been pocketed by the companies). Seriously, look up on the internet any country that has a public health care system and see for yourself. And want to hear something they won’t tell you? Even if you have public health care, you can still get private insurance. And no, you won’t pay more than the normal or go to jail. ­čÖé

  14. @axeman196822 So.. he was fired like a what? What is a bitch? What is it to be fired like a bitch? You are an idiot, you 12 year old, little, fuck wad. You probably don’t want to hear the truth. The truth about your great country and what it has become. So give-up! You are a pile of shit. With Olbermann no fuck wad is safe. No one is spared. So open your eyes and ears. You vile, puke pile, scum bag.

  15. @axeman196822 If I could shit down your decapitated throat. I would. Olbermann was fired because sheeple don’t won’t the truth. They won’t to continue on about their selfish lives. I am no different. Fuck you. I hope you die. BITCH!

  16. you—sir—no longer have a job b/c´╗┐ you—sir—are so disgustingly biased that not even the kind of people who´╗┐ are willing to associate themselves with msnbc want to listen to your slanderous rantings. furthermore—sir—no one has forgotten that you lost your previous sports reporting career b/c you were fired for sexual harassment.

  17. you—sir—no longer have a job b/c´╗┐ you—sir—are so disgustingly biased that not even the kind of people who´╗┐ are willing to associate themselves with msnbc want to listen to your slanderous rantings. furthermore—sir—no one has forgotten that you lost your previous sports reporting career b/c you were fired for sexual harassment.

  18. @behold755 OH I “GET IT”… I GET “the point” as you say and guess what …news flash…everyone dies…its a fact . . should i be forced to pay millions plus for someone to stay alive for another 6 months?? for end of life …W.T.F. .i want my box on my taxform! give me “choice” i want freedom to CHOOSE weather i pay for someone ELSE’S healthcare !!!! @armstrongariz . .go back to “great” briton and find a dentist! socialized healthcare ??? with freedom ..also comes the “freedom to fail”

    Date: 1-25-11

    Update: Tonight’s State of the Union will be live-tweeted by Keith Olbermann!

    Google: twitter+keitholbermann

  20. @filthbomb

    You completely don’t get the point. People have died because they can’t get health insurance, thousands every year are bankrupted by medical bills, and you can have your health insurance dropped at any time. We pay 17% of GDP for health care and have 50 million not covered. We have a broken health care system. If you weren’t so full of yourself maybe you would be able to understand that. Maybe you’ve convinced yourself your immune to it.

  21. I’m not an American. British, live and work here. Love´╗┐ my American colleagues, but totally baffled´╗┐ by the vilification of a president trying to introduce some equity into the health system. Citizens of all the developed countries I know off – except America – regard universal health care, education, law and order, as´╗┐ their birthright. God help anyone in America who falls sick or has an accident without health insurance – or just been let go? tough.


  22. yep, the corporate empire owns our tv stations so the, so called, ‘news’ preaches their corporate lies …. and trash talking any nation who doesn’t go along with the corporate greed program. so, please dont judge US by the corporate propaganda news. a lot of US admire you alls country and health care…. unfortunately, the Industrial War Complex rather spend our taxes (almost all of it) on useless wars instead of HC and education.
    pray for us… we really need it………..

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