Latest “Healthcare Reform” News

Latest “Healthcare Reform” News

Healthcare reform helping businesses: government data
CHICAGO (Reuters) – When President Barack Obama signed his healthcare overhaul into law a year ago, some U.S. companies were quick to flag — and write down — the millions of dollars they stood to lose as a result of one aspect of the measure.
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HealthPlan Services to Highlight Offerings to Help Carriers Thrive Under Healthcare Reform at World Health Care Congress
HealthPlan Services will feature its proven processes for managing medical loss ratios and expanding sales channels that enable carriers to survive â and thrive â in today’s post-healthcare reform environment at the World Health Care Congress .
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Trying to grade healthcare reform isn’t easy
Healthcare reform is 1 year old. Some call that a reason to celebrate. Others see it as a nightmare.
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  1. Why do people insist on calling these neocons “Tories”? The Reform party absorbed the “Progressive Conservatives” and rightly dropped the word progressive. There is nothing “tory” about the Reform /Canadian Alliance.

  2. Hmmm I was going to say to go to /r/scholar. But apparently you can get this article straight from google scholar without a problem. Just search for “Ginseng pharmacology: Multiple constituents and multiple actions” and click the PDF on the right. For future reference the link in the sidebar that says “Help us find the latest research” basically gives you resources to find and get a copy of (through /r/scholar or otherwise) virtually any research paper.

  3. The Conservatives have a lock on Alberta and good portions of the rest of Western Canada as well as Ontario. BQ is slipping in Quebec. The Liberals could get marginalized more, but the NDP is only predicted to get as many as 50 seats vs. 140 for Conservatives. This is why the electoral system needs reform.

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