Jeff Kraws Discusses Healthcare Reform

Jeff Kraws Discusses Healthcare Reform

June 10 (Bloomberg) — Jeffrey Kraws, Senior Research Analyst and Cofounder of Crystal Research Associates, appeared Wednesday, June 10, 2009, on Bloomberg Television discussing healthcare reform and its impact on the pharmaceutical sector. Mr. Kraws also discussed the push toward greater research and development (R&D) and electronic medical records, and overviewed entities that may benefit from healthcare reform. Some of the companies mentioned included Mylan Inc. (MYL-NASDAQ), Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (TEVA-NASDAQ), Novartis AG (NVS-NYSE), Neuralstem, Inc. (CUR-AMEX), Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (PSTI-NASDAQ), GenSpera, Inc., and Authentidate Holding Corp. (ADAT-NASDAQ), among others.
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Do we have a limited government, or one that is only limited by what it can get away with? I would say it is the latter. I would also say that at least 80% of our representatives do not even consider the Constitution when they vote on legislation; they are more concerned about getting elected than upholding the constitution. So whose fault is this? Is it their fault, or is it our fault? Once again I would say that it is the latter. It is “we the people” who vote them into power, so it is “we the people” who are at fault, and until we wise up, we will continue to get what we deserve. So from now on when you write your representative in congress about an issue or an impending bill, you should ask them under what constitutional authority are they proposing or supporting the bill; what power do they have to enact such legislation? Early this year or late last year a woman was attacked by a monkey and nearly killed. So our congress in their eagerness to protect us decided to enact legislation to prevent an attack like this from taking place in the future. On Fox News there was a conservative republican who had voted against this legislation, and the interviewer was asking him why. The congressman said that he was voting against it because it didn’t go far enough. He said the law only affected purchases of monkeys across state lines. He said that he was for an outright ban on the ownership of monkeys. He said that if a bill like that was presented, then he would vote for it
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  1. “We The People” are the Government,most Idiots don’t even know this fact!

  2. This is why millions of people are not getting any medical attention because of political red tape. People want to argue and talk about how much it will cost and all that sort. Everyone deserves medical attention. This is more of a medical issue instead of a political issue. Many people die everyday because the lack of insurance or their inability to pay medical bills because of outrageous costs. People need the right to medical coverage. Not everyone is made out of money to see a doctor.

  3. @nafaidni First, they cannot list everything in the constitution that the congress cannot do. If they did, then those things would take up millions of pages. They instead list the powers of congress, and then in the 10th amendment it is stated that all other power is for the people or the states.

    Second, medicare and social security are taxed and then provided for you. There is a big difference.

  4. There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution saying the government cannot force you to opt into a program, btw, even IF this did that!

    The government can force you into Medicare and Medicaid (if you’re poor enough), so I see no reason why it can’t force you into health insurance.

    Admittedly, this is a private program, so it might apply differently (ty Republicans and Joe Lieberman who prevented a public program) . But it’s not mandatory. It just gives a 2.5% tax.

  5. @x05runner

    TRUE Taxation? Wtf? There’s no such thing as “TRUE” taxation, genius. There’s indirect taxes and direct taxes. The Federal Government exempts taxes on 401k accounts so you can withdraw it when your income is lower and your taxes will be lower. Does that mean it forces you to buy 401k?

    The Federal Government can put excises on products to discourage their purchase, and it can give tax credits on products to encourage their purchase. Plain and simple. Nothing complicated about it.

  6. All of you critical of this video of of the judge. How about you give this health care bill just one year. Keep your yaps shut and then in one year let’s see where the HC bill is and where our country is. God help our country. You all want to argue over this and that and be critical, get off Obama’s free ride of Unemployement and get a job!
    Then you would have something productive to do with your lfie. We still are a free country and have free speech even yours!

  7. @jbranstetter04
    Eh, wrong! The power to lay tax for the common welfare! SS is funded by TRUE Taxation, not the crap that was written in this health reform bill. Everything looks fine and dandy except for that damn clause that says YOU WILL DO WHAT I TELL YOU. People are fighting over this issue to prevent your mama from becoming a prostitute. Because if the health bill wrecks the economy, she might have walk the corners to support the federal government.

  8. WOW, these guys are good.

    Fox News = Republican Agenda

    NBC = Democratic Agenda.

    However, this is the one time I’m seeing True Americans rise ahead of their party agenda.

    US Constitution all the way…

  9. I think it’s hilarious the way in the US you have news channels that ask for two expert opinions but then bring in two people who just agree with the political agenda set by the news station.

    Other news networks are biased in various ways when it comes to certain topics, I’ll use the BBC as an example, but even they don’t have the audacity to pull this kind of stunt. At least they show conflicting opinions from a varied panel to show some balance.

    Fuck Faux News.

  10. Im sorry if these facts got in the way of your whaco right wing conspiracy, but maybe you should research outside the main stream corporate media and right wing blogs and you wouldnt have to eat humble pie.

    The US still has a freedom of speech so the facts doesn’t all get drowned out, but you do have to dig a bit deeper than Fox noise.

  11. I care about SS as I’ve contributed to SS for 12 years and as a US citizen living in the UK I dont have much interest in the Queen or socialism.

  12. by 2040 there will be 2 workers for each retiree. (Today there are just over 3) But that fact, while accurate, fails to acknowledge that workers today are more productive, earn higher wages, and plan to stay in the workforce longer—all factors that will help fill the future gap. This fact is currently helping to amass a huge surplus in the fund.

  13. The politians havnt spend the fund there you go quoting Fox noise again, Social Security trustees acknowledge that by 2028 the system will need to start redeeming the bonds in its reserve, but they calculate that the fund will be able to meet 100 percent of its obligations until 2042. By that date, the principal will be exhausted.

  14. No put simply the reason it will fail is because the politicians spent the Social Security trust fund and relied solely on the incoming workforce to fund the people retiring. Now more people are retiring than are entering the work force so its just a matter of time before we have more retirees to take care of than workers in the workforce. Ever heard of the babyboom generation.
    Why the fuck do you care anyway? Go watch videos about socialist or the queen and leave the US to its own devices

  15. Put simply the only main reason SS could EVENTUALLY run out of money IF NOTHING IS DONE is because the upper incomes are rising and the middle class is shrinking, the SS cap of 90k per year slows the funding as more and more of the countrys wealth falls into the hands of higher earners, obviously these higher earners dont want to fund it, hence the one sided media propaganda machine kicks in.

  16. what right wing whaco is talking about 50 trillion dollars ? in what lifespan is that being referred to?. It’s easy scare pea brains with big figures especially when it goes unchallenged in a one sided debate.

  17. By Fox noise’s definition it maybe a ponzi scheme, saying I know nothing about economics is just more Fox tactics why not just stick to the arguments?

    I think youre loosing that is why you are using “moran” & “STFU” maybe you fancy yourself as a Bill O’Reilly? LOL let’s face it I win because you cant answer my basic question there are no creditable economists out there saying it is a ponzi, just right wing wacos, so I guess until u come up with an answer I win and you loose eh?

  18. You fuckin moron, by definition our Social Security is a ponzi scheme. Its fairly obvious you dont know shit about economics or finance or even freedom, so why not just quit while your behind and STFU

  19. Pea brains like yourself are manipulated by the 2% elite controlling 90% of the media so they can get more $ from the middle class. Open your eyes.

  20. You say you know nothing about the UK, and I’m sure you know nothing about any country too as practical international comparisons are never discussed on your favoured one sided US right wing media of which you get all your information. perhaps you should stop living in a bubble and broaden you horizon a little.

  21. According to Americas largest magazine AARP, SS has never been as secure and is safe until 2042 even if nothing is done, Warren Buffet says raising the base. above $90,000 would save SS. Keep away from those crazy right wing media.

  22. If it’s publicly funded healthcare then you probably wont get it just because you want to try it. The best option would probably be to have it shipped from somewhere, as brits have to.

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