Is spending on health care “reform” ed, or Obama-Pelosi just change who pays for it?

Is spending on health care “reform” ed, or Obama-Pelosi just change who pays for it?

Questions the Smart Guy 😕 Is the cost of healthcare “reform” oath or Obama-Pelosi just change who pays for it
How is forcing taxpayers to pay for health care to 35 million more Americans make health care more affordable as a percentage of GDP? Has Obama-Pelosi just adopt a long term agenda to create a new government give-away, while completely ignoring the crisis of spiraling costs to healthcare? Are we screwed when Americans find out that they simply do not have enough money to pay for health services at the current level of service? In the future, only powerful corrupt politicians have access to real health care? Best answer:

Answer John is right
You still have to pay for health care, just from your taxes. and then you have to pay for a few more idiots and illegal without health care. So in effect, you will pay more for health care, and quality will be like the “hockey stick” graph, except the head.

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  1. 1a: no
    1b: yes
    2: yes
    3: yes
    4: I doubt it will go that far but the vast majority of Americans will have access to lower quality health care as a result of this bill. Eventually.

  2. That is what has happened when these reforms have been put into place abroad. But why look at the facts on the issue when you can look at the lies and half truths of the right?

    I do not understand why so many Americans have fallen for lies about healthcare in the USA, abroad and also the planned reforms [1]. I mean, if the healthcare system in the USA is so good, why have no other nations taken it up? Could it be due to the following facts?
    FACT – the USA spends more on healthcare PER PERSON than any other nation on the planet [2].
    FACT – the US has higher death rates for kids under five than western European countries with universal health coverage [3].
    Or if the US healthcare system is run so well, why not run the fire service like the healthcare system? [4]
    Maybe that is because in the USA, insurance companies push up costs, buy politicians and refuse to pay claims that people pay for [5]. (Look up Wendell Potter on YouTube to hear more if the link below is too long.)
    Obama wants to make insurance cheaper, stop insurance companies from refusing health coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, and make sure they pay out when they are meant to [6], a system similar to that which works in Taiwan [7]. He debated this before he was elected [8].
    Is it right that a dead American four year old would have had a better chance of life if they were born in Canada, Cuba, Germany and so many other industrialised nations with universal healthcare?
    If you think my arguments are wrong, e-mail me with proof. But if you can not, let Obama try to help America. If he fails, vote him out in 2012.

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