How many Democrats have actually read the entire Health Care “Reform” Bill?

How many Democrats have actually read the entire Health Care “Reform” Bill?

Questions Rocky 😕 How many Democrats have actually read the entire Health Care “Reform” Bill
Seriously, you want to support a one-thousand page right and you will not even read it yourself! Best answer:

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nobody really had read the Patriot Act, but it was passed

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  1. Probably the same as the number of GOP members who have read it in its entirety. You want to rail against a 1,000 page bill and you won’t even read it yourselves.

    See how that works both ways? FAIL.

  2. Actually no such Bill exist. Its still in the legislative cradle. Its amazing how many Americans have forgotten their basic Civics lessons; on how Bill become law. Portions of proposals exist; nothing solid for any Political Party to examine in its entirety.

  3. No they will not read it and no they did not read the patriot act either that is the problem no one is reading the bill either democrats or republicans. The staffers who are not elected are the only ones reading and writing the bills. They are making friends so when they are done being staffers they can make big bucks working in firms that get benefits from the bills they make. Vote out your senator if they have not read the bills.

  4. The healthcare reform bill is an unfinished bill, and you should know that. So the answer is zero, and it probably would still be zero even if it were complete.

  5. How can you argue with logic like FDM 215

    because one group does not use logic then it stands to reason

    the other group is just as naive

    Remember the Devil knows the Bible backwards and forward

    and yet he still rails against GOD

  6. Google H.R.3200 for the House Version. Our Representative Dingell was one who helped write this bill………….if you can believe that one, since he has NOT READ THE BILL HIMSELF. This very question was asked of him during our local meeting.

    I and others are informed………..we have read the above bill front to back. Be very informed, because what our Government and our Politicians are telling you are all out lies.

  7. I doubt anyone has read any of the versions in their entirety. I also doubt anyone will. How is it that this is suddenly a crime against humanity? Complex bills are always hundreds of pages and they are never read by a single congressional member in their entirety…nor do they need to be.

    Big Daddy: I think in your haste to complain about fdm you missed her point: If not reading the bill is “bad”…why only complain about the Left when the Right are equally guilty?

    Its a fair point that you and the asker missed in your zeal to whine about the Dems. TYPICAL.

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