Healthcare Reform

Healthcare Reform In late march 2010 Congress passed Healthcare Reform, also known as Obamacare. President Obama signed this hugely unpopular healthcare reform bill into law, forever altering the American health insurance market. Amendment 63 is Colorado’s answer to Obamacare. This video paints the grim reality that awaits our future generations. Even though this video is lighthearted, don’t take our message lightly. For many, it could mean the difference between life and death.

The US has a catastrophically fragmented health care system that provides incentives for sick care instead of prevention. The system is in dire need of reform — reform to save lives, to save families and to save money for both patients and the American health care system. Stand with more than 450000 doctors who support health care reform. Call Congress: (202) 224-3121. Take more action by visiting
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  1. @phillipmarch22
    Well volunteer fire depts save people’s lives for non profit and for the people just because its the right thing to do.
    In contrast, doctors and private insurance companies only save lives for profit.
    Why do doctors and Insurance companies think they are any better than the POLICE and Fire Department?
    I volunteered for a fire dept not too long ago, does that mak,e a socialist? THe way FOX NEWS is talking, they think doctors deserve more credit than fire chiefs.

  2. @bigmomhines
    No offence, but I worked with the volunteer fire department in the past, and no offence to your profession, but I find a lot of doctors very arrogant and self righteous.
    My colleagues bust their asses in burning buildings and they save lives just as doctors do, but they do it for non profit.
    I’m not having a go at you, but some of the doctors I met looked down on us, and thought they were superior.
    Volunteer Fire Depts sacrfice for the greater good, docs do it for profit.

  3. To all of you posters who want socialized medicine: take a look at Europe to see the results of unsustainable entitlements. If we follow their lead we’ll all soon be working for the government. The only reform that will fix our problem is free-market reforms. And, if you don’t understand free markets, I suggest you take the Free Markets, Free People class offered by the Independence Institute.

  4. Lazy fearmongering lies.

    TRUTH: Am. 63 would lock us into higher-priced private insurance model where the sick fall out to die without coverage. It would PREVENT the state of CO from ever moving to a cheaper & fairer universal social insurance model and forever getting rid of parasitic private insurance companies.

    VOTE NO on 63 — especially if you don’t like private insurance mandate. True universal coverage is the only way to get rid of the private insurers, and 63 would prevent that.

  5. @blandinthebasement
    Yes, the private health insurance company has raised rates dramatically. The mistake the healthcare legislation made was it didn’t implement the new policies immediately. My son-in-laws rates just got raised just about double. The PHI industry sees trouble coming down the pike so they are trying to financially rape as many people as possible before the new healthcare legislation takes place.

  6. @phillipmarch22

    I am not a proponent of socialized medicine–simply stating that you can’t have it both ways. This bill has actually increased the cost on the American people–insurance rates have skyrocketed…there is simply no free-lunch–those who do not have money for insurance are either going to have to pay it–or lose their jobs because the ‘rich’ had to pay for them, and had to downsize in order to afford it.

  7. @bigmomhines – No, he has plenty of doctors in his immediate family. Most doctors are for this reform. It needs a lot of tweaking, but again, the PHI industry puts profit over peoples lives. My son-in-law is a General Manager for Ford, (non-Union) and pays $1,500 a month for health insurance and Ford matches it. $3,000 if fucking outrageous, don’t ya think? About 1/2 of his income. If anyone with 1/2 a brain thinks we need the PHI industry raping us anymore is higher than a kite!

  8. @ajhil As a doctor, I’d like to think I am the decision maker along with you as the patient as a partner. I can tell you I’d rather work with ins. co’s than the government a million times over. The problems I have getting services for my medicaid patients is a billion fold worse than with insurance cos.

  9. You cannot possibly HOPE to enforce such a mandate WITHOUT imposing a tax—which amounts to a a single-payer system..The law as written is really a mechanism to shift to socialized medicine.

    There is NO WAY to enforce this law—therefore, the intention is not a way to make the market more amenable to consumers—but to eliminate the health care market altogether.

  10. Hey now that your cartoon guys in jail at least he will have health care. If he doesnt pay taxes for his military he’ll be there to. Oh ya for the roads also the police lets not forget the fire department. Now isn’t that funny.

  11. Do Americans think more Americans would die if they didnt have health care? And were turned away because they didn’t and couldn’t afford health care. We pay for a Military to protect us, why not pay for a nonprofit health care to protect us old and young.

  12. The only problem with the new healthcare reform is that the private health insurance companies are still involved. And the Democrat Congress wimped out by not voting in the public option. I hope to God that when my 5 year old Grandson turns 18, he will have to look in a history book to find out what a private insurance company WAS! The PHI industry has been murdering people for profit for way too long now. How do I know? They killed my brother!

  13. What will happen to you when you die? Have you ever told lies, stolen, used God’s name in vain, or looked at someone with lust? If yes, then you are a lying, theiving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart. When you die & stand before God you’ll be guilty of breaking His law. The bible says you’ll end up in Hell! But God sent God his Son Jesus to die for your sins, & He rose from the dead on the third day. If you’ll believe the Gospel(Jesus´╗┐ died for your sins & was´╗┐ resurrected) you’ll be saved!

  14. ajhil, you are trapped in a false dilemma. We need to get back to when neither insurance companies nor govenment bureaucrats controlled your health care. The low-deductable insurance paradigm was foisted on us by tax law that dates back to FDR in the 1940’s when wage controls forced employers to offer alternatives to attract talent. That paradigm is broken in the same way that Obamacare is: desensitization to cost. Be careful who you call a fool.

  15. Are you people out of your minds? Who makes your healthcare decisions now? The insurance companies! If there are death panels now, they’re run by the insurance companies too and whether you live or die is determined by how much money your life is worth to them. You’d rather have an insurance company bean counter make the crucial calls regarding your health instead of a professional government bureaucrat? Then you’re a fool.

  16. If the facts don’t work: lie. That’s the neo-con credo. People use these lies to rationalize why they don’t like the healthcare bill. I’m just sorry it doesn’t go further. My son is in an institution. He will likely never be able to hold a job that will pay for his health care needs; I can’t afford the ever-increasing costs. Options are essential for him and millions of others. The neo-con solution: shoot ’em behind the barn. It’s true: I saw it on the internet. Less posturing; more solutions!

  17. Jon Caldera characterizes the health care reform bill as “hugely unpopular”. In fact, most people don’t like the bill, but does this mean that they don’t want health care reform? No! In every major poll, when they’re asked why they don’t like the bill, the majority say that it doesn’t go far enough! In other words, they want MORE health care reform, not less!
    Do you think Jon Caldera doesn’t know this? Of course he does, but he doesn’t want to admit it. So he lies. It’s pathetic.

  18. Great ad!
    Obamacare will hurt the poor and raise both insurance and medical costs.
    It will reduce medical innovation, and increase waiting times for treatment.
    We must resist it, and state-level nullification is an excellent strategy!

  19. @SexSteakSoda You’re only making my point. The cost you cited is primarily due to pool risk because of terrible American health statistics. The obese, sedentary, smokers, and recreational drug/alcohol users are the primary systematic reason others are forced out of the system, because their added risk to general pools causes costs to skyrocket. A public option does nothing to quell rising risk. The best thing would be a collection of taxes on the unhealthy behaviors sandbagging our HC.

  20. @thereinliestherib The U.S. Healthcare budget, as is, costs taxpayers over a trillion dollars a year. If a private system is so sufficient and successful, then why are we shelling out a trillions bucks a year? We have over 30 million people without health insurance, and it’s not like they can just avoid getting sick or injured. So where do they go when that happens? The ER. And who picks up the tab? The tax payers. My point: We’re already paying, may as well create a public option.

  21. @SexSteakSoda People whose house’s represent a greater risk pay higher home insurance costs; that’s the regulatory principle that keeps every other market of insurance individually accountable. The reason that health insurance works in the exact opposite fashion is exactly how the industry profits of the inequitable distribution of risk, and thus the mandate. It’s also why you unconsciously support the very industry you’re criticizing.

  22. @thereinliestherib So because Americans are unhealthy, the Government shouldn’t provide them with a public option?There are folks who’s houses are at more risk of catostrophic fire than others, should we stop the Fire Department from providing services to these indivduals? There are some people who live in cities with higher crimes rates, meaning they will use our law enforcement resources more than people that live in suburban areas. Healthcare is as essential as education, public safety, etc.

  23. @SexSteakSoda It contradicts all of the left’s claims about health care. They’d like us healthy, responsible, fleeced folks to believe that rising health costs are a result of some corporate conspiracy, rather than the self-evident fact that Americans are the most unhealthy people in the history of, well, ever. The explosion in risk due to unhealthy behavior is the biggest reason for rising health costs–will that risk simply disappear when we simply rename the system “public” or “private”?

  24. @Notagayusername10 What are you talking about? If you’re going to engage in a debate, then you might want to at least TRY and make a little sense. I just took your bitch-ass to school and all you can do is call me a dumbass. Fact is, if France can run a healthcare system with only a $11.4 billion in budget deficit, that’s considered a successful system. How come we can have two wars that are not deficit neutral, but we can’t have a healthcare system a penny over budget? That’s ridiculous.

  25. I can’t wait for the day when government intervention in any part of personal life actually increases efficiency and lowers costs. Republicans and Democrats really love to kid themselves on their ideas.

  26. @SexSteakSoda Here’s a figure: cost of obesity alone 344 billion, and rising rapidly. Cost of the uninsured: 90 billion. Do the math. The explosive increase in pool risk in America is the driving force behind rising costs, but you won’t hear anyone tell you about it because the disproportionate distribution of risk is exactly how HC co’s make their money. If the media reported the facts about pool risk, our HC debate would have been a lot more productive.

  27. @poopster102 Good way to back out of having to provide credible sources to your arguments. Nicely done dipshit. Don’t start a debate if you’re going to argue with emotion and pure opinion. It doesn’t work that way. I’m not close minded, I am willing to look at any source you show me with an open mind. I have lost many debates in my lifetime and i’ve changed opinions accordingly. So, instead of being a lazy little prick, back up your shit. Or stop wasting my time. Moron.

  28. @Notagayusername10 11.4 billion is NOTHING lol hahahaha! As it is, the United States healthcare system cost taxpayers over $800 BILLION a year. In FY2011, Healthcare will cost Americans nearly a TRILLION dollars. So if your argument is true, and healthcare only costs France 11.4 billion a year, they must be doing something right. We have a private healthcare system and it costs us more than a lot of country’s annual Gross Domestic Product! You dumb fucking piece of shit.

  29. @SexSteakSoda FRANCE HAS 11.4 billion in deficits in one year from the system and in canada they come to the US to get treatment if you like france so much move there you fucking queer I hope you go to canada get cancer and then get put on the waiting list you fucking fruit

  30. @SexSteakSoda I don’t give a shit about you or your opinions, even if I did link you to a legitimate source with every fact you requested you would wave it off as fast as you wish to wave away your property rights. Ask yourself a question, have you ever once questioned one of your opinions or have you blindly followed the ones your liberal college professors spoon fed you?

  31. @poopster102 Please, source me. Give me the link that shows exactly how much money these “organizations” are receiving. Oh, and name these organizations too. It’s time you back up your accusations with facts. Please, name the scientific organization that benefits from “Global Warming” and name their current endowment. Then, please compare it to a defense company’s government contract and tell me war doesn’t benefit them.

  32. @Notagayusername10 In reality, you’re not paying for any better healthcare through a private system. Until you’ve been through a socialized healthcare system, there is no way for you to know the difference between the two. I on the other had, have been through France and Canada’s systems. The ER wait time is the same. The treatment is exactly the same and the medicine is identical. Only difference is money. In the United States, any serious injury will bankrupt you.

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