Healthcare Reform Could Cripple the System

Healthcare Reform Could Cripple the System

Healthcare Reform Could Cripple the System

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Home Page > Advertising > Healthcare Reform Could Cripple the System

Healthcare Reform Could Cripple the System

Posted: Mar 31, 2011 |Comments: 0


Healthcare Reform Could Cripple the System

Current polls show voters are emotionally conflicted on their stance concerning the new Healthcare Reform Act, which by 2014 will require every citizen to have acceptable health coverage or pay a penalty.

Opponents are angry about the ethical nature of such a plan where people are forced to buy insurance, and they’re even more worried about how we’re going to pay for it. They feel the uninsured already have access to healthcare through emergency rooms, and that the answer isn’t to mandate health insurance, but rather to fix the current system to make access to care more affordable.

Supporters of healthcare reform are excited that the Healthcare Reform Act will make sure that nearly 95% of Americans will be covered. They hope reform will make the insurance industry more competitive, and stop insurance companies from rigging prices, and it will prevent insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. The best part is, in their minds, is that its reform.

Both sides agree that healthcare as a whole as dysfunctional. Everyone knows coverage is becoming unaffordable for employers, employees, and private buyers. Healthcare costs for the lower and middle classes are skyrocketing. And people are getting sick and dying because insurance companies refuse to cover them.

Each side of the aisle makes valid points, and if you’re on the fence with this issue it’s tough to decide on which direction to lean. The most logical way to make up your mind should come from understanding specifically how Healthcare Reform will affect you and your family.

With this in mind, when Healthcare Reform is completely implemented, the new law will insure over 30 million new patients. Grace-Marie Turner, president of the Galen Institute, says the new healthcare law will put tremendous pressure on a system that is not prepared to handle all the new people who become enrolled.”

Because of our nation’s shortage of doctors, the biggest challenge the Healthcare Reform Act faces is that it simply won’t work if people can’t get access to a doctor. Even without healthcare reform, because of the current doctor shortage our nation is already in crisis. The Association of American Medical Colleges predicts that by 2015, there will be a shortage of more than 62,000 doctors. Dr. Roland Goertz, president of the American Academy of Family Physicians likened the health care law to giving everyone a free bus pass — but without enough buses. “If you cover them all, it gives them the pass, but you then have to connect that to a workforce solution that appropriately provides that access of care to them.”

Because the system will become overloaded so quickly, Grace-Marie Turner is predicting that medical practices will wind up looking more like assembly lines than compassionate care facilities. It may take weeks or even months to book an appointment with your family doctor. Right now we might take an afternoon off work so that we can make a doctor’s appointment. Imagine having to take two or three days off from work so that you can target a “window of opportunity” instead of the firm appointments we enjoy today. Now imagine taking three days of vacation time from work just for the “chance” to see your doctor, only to have your window of opportunity rescheduled for the next month because the backlog of patients is so unmanageable. This is the real problem we face with the Healthcare Reform Act.

One way for patients to avoid becoming part of this impending logjam is to take advantage of telemedicine services like HealthNation Connect today. Telemedicine through HealthNation Connect is simply a consultation with a physician by phone, secure email, or video chat. It’s used for diagnosing, treating and monitoring patients with everyday medical conditions.
Regardless of what happens with the Healthcare Reform Act, once you’re a member of HealthNation Connect you won’t have to worry about becoming another piece on the healthcare assembly line.

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Eric A. Rice
About the Author:

HealthNation Connect is an affordable service that is not meant to replace your primary care physician, but rather it makes existing healthcare more accessible and convenient.

In doing so HealthNation Connect helps raise the quality of healthcare and to contain medical care costs. HealthNation Connect is available to you for a monthly fee of just , with a one-time activation fee of 0 that includes your first month of service. To learn more about Telemedicine or to join HealthNation Connect see their website at

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