Healthcare Reform Bill passed, Speak your mind!

Healthcare Reform Bill passed, Speak your mind!

The healthcare reform Bill passed. What do you think? Speak your mind here! Subscribe to Jeremy here:
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25 Replies to “Healthcare Reform Bill passed, Speak your mind!”

  1. This is exactly why I am not a fan of the party system. If a dem makes a good idea, and a rep would have liked it if he’d made it, he’ll go against it anyway just because a dem made it, and same if a rep comes up with something. The party system prevents us from working together on good things for the country, and basically just causes our government to be like those stereotypical hillbilly feuding families, rather than doing anything for us, who elected THEM.

  2. those stories are probably fictional. even if Canadians were dissatisfied with the healthcare there, there is still private sector healthcare available for those who can afford it if they want.

  3. im from norway and healthcare is boss. americans say things will get more expensive cuse of taxes? uhm norway is a very socialist country and no one is realy poor. if you want a job you can have one.

  4. This bill is just another reminder that the democrats and republicans are slowing down the progress of our country with their imature fighting. If this country was lead by people who had the knowledge of a 40 but the mind as simple as a 10 year old, we’d be far more advanced in our country. Because 10 year try to find the quickest way out of a situation and 40 yearolds have experience.

  5. I hope you all realize that free…isn’t FREE. Guess what it means when the bill really goes into effect in 2014…TAXES! Taxes, taxes and more taxes…thanks people for voting in a 4.3 TRILLION DOLLAR health care bill and making the national debt go even much higher than before…great. thanks to those bimbos in Washington! I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart…now why don’t you all stick your heads up your own asses and stop acting like a bunch of 3 YEARS OLDS! All they do is fight!

  6. democrat….republican….same imature person who always think’s there right….different reason that that person think’s there right….

  7. Here’s a good statement to reply to, yes, you can have freedom, but what kind of freedom do you want? Certain freedoms must be directed, other freedoms you can get by paying a price. If everything was founded on complete freedom our society as we know it wouldn’t exist.

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