Have we finally found a workable idea for “Healthcare Reform”?

Have we finally found a workable idea for “Healthcare Reform”?

Question by Bad Wolf: Have we finally found a workable idea for “Healthcare Reform”?
Strangely enough…. as poorly thought out and implemented as the Cash for Clunkers program is it actually is a very good concept for healthcare “reform”.

This program sets aside a pool of money. American citizens can choose to use this money or not. They can use this money to buy a car of their choice, as long as it meets certain standards.

There is very little government interference in the choice of the consumer or the choice of the automobile dealer. The consumer can buy the car they want…the dealer is free to advertise its merchandise and to offer additional incentives.

Apply this concept to healthcare, but rather than create a pool of money from other people’s taxes the government can offer tax credits to individuals to pay for insurance. You can get the insurance that you want from the provider you want. The government will then offer up to “X” amount annually in tax credits to pay for it. This will modify your deductions on your W4 so you keep the money in each paycheck. It never goes to the government and thereby you do not need to apply for a refund to benefit from it.

To be eligible you need to be enrolled all year…any partial year enrollments are credited on a pro rated basis.

American citizens can choose their providers….companies are free to compete for new business and will likely see a rise in enrollments (driving down prices) as a result.

Of course we will still need to take additional steps to reduce the actual COST of healthcare (tort reform, reduced regulatory costs) but isn’t this is a great start?
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I voted for McCain albeit reluctantly. I was more inclined towards Mitt Romney the former Governor of my State.

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4 Replies to “Have we finally found a workable idea for “Healthcare Reform”?”

  1. every other western democracy can do it
    why should the usa continue with its second rate system that currently rations health care

    let the usa no longer be second rate reform now

  2. Massachusetts does something similar at the state tax level. If I remember correctly, you can deduct $ 8,000 from your gross income. However, in order to claim this deduction, you have to provide proof of health insurance.

    I would be ok with a similar system at the federal level. You can claim an $ x deduction for health insurance, but you have to provide some sort of proof that you have it. If I am not mistaken, you can claim medical expenses as a deduction, but only if it is above 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. Many people don’t surpass this.

  3. LOL……That was McCains health care plan. Did you vote for him or did you go with the freshman senator with no executive experience?

  4. I sorta like it but you are forgetting that there is little to no difference between the government paying out money and not taking it in in the first place. This idea is only good if I accept the principal that government is obligated to provide health care. If I accept then, yes, it is a fair method for distributing funds. Since I do not accept then I’d still say STOP IT!
    I’m all for steps to lower costs. I think the costs are crazy, but to say that we have to take over the entire system and then we can lower costs is just flippin nuts. To say that we have to FORCE everyone to purchase insurance so that we can lower cost is also so jacked up I want to start a revolution. If you want to lower costs so that people don’t need insurance, cause they could actually pay for health care themselves, then great. Get started on that. It would, by default, make insurance more affordable, thus increasing the number of free Americans who CHOOSE to purchase it.

    This whole topic makes me want to burn something.

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