Full Show – 7/13/11. McConnell says “We The People” Should Have No Voice

Full Show – 7/13/11. McConnell says “We The People” Should Have No Voice

Thom talks about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s concise summary of conservative constitutionalism. Later in the show, Thom debate the issue of the GOP’s refusal of raising the debt limit, Rupert Murdoch’s hacking scandal and Medicare reform with his conservative guest panelists in the “Lone Liberal” rumble.
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Recently, some “seniors groups” ran ads to scare seniors into believing that Paul Ryan’s medicare reform plan would basically “throw grandma over a cliff”. Despite the fact that President Obama’s Healthcare reform bill did cut medicare and the president’s recent remarks to scare seniors that Social Security checks would not get out – no such ads were run against Obama. Here is a little fairness.
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  1. 300,000,000, american taxpayers. 16,000,000.00 in prisons not paying taxes. 30,000,000.00 unemployed. That still leaves 245,000,000.00 taxpayers. Wear is al that money

  2. @wildreams It’s like a person pointing a gun at a crowd & claiming he is the greatest person in the world. Most people in the crowd won’t disagree with him for as long as the gun is pointing at them. But if this person ever lowers his gun or turns his back, he might learn how few people agree he is the greatest person in the world.
    These fake patriots are even worse. They are cowards hiding behind the gun-wielding person. And like good toadies they say, “Yes, boss, you are the greatest!”

  3. @MarmaladeINFP These people are American exceptionists that think that just because they believe America is the best country in the world gives them special privilege and justify anything they do.

  4. I really appreciate your segments on the Supreme Shysters, Thom. I would go much further & ask “why have we given shysters so much power & money in this society for 6 semesters of shyster school?” Making an inordinate amount of $ for little beneficial output doesn’t attract the best & brightest, quite the opposite. And shystering appears to be a contagious disease that spreads quickly, if you’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to be around as many lawyers as I have thru the years.

  5. americans work 20% longer than europeans(on average). US wages have stayed flat since the 1970s. that stupid woman has no idea hat shes talking about.

  6. @Maikkeru I agree its annoying a bit to hear them talk, but it helps to draw the dumbest people out so that we can identify them and ensure they leave the room before the adults talk. Although the nonsense they spout is, well, nonsense, its important for us to understand what the false ideas they’re promoting are.
    They are pretty good at playing upon uneducated and ill-informed people’s fears, just look at @transhero for example, so blinded by the fear of those things, he can’t smell the bs

  7. I hate all this petty democrat vs republican talk. Thom is a bit too entrenched in that obsolete way of thinking. The two parties are almost identical in their ability to completely miss the point, and deceive the public.

  8. @Maikkeru Nonsense like destroying the idea that people should ENJOY their lives instead of working from cradle to grave? Like Americans pay the most taxes in the world? Nonsense like businesses are TOO regulated so they HAVE to go overseas?

    I ABSOLUTELY agree.

  9. were fucked its all about power ,lobiests oil and money somebody hit the reset button almost all of em are puppets yet we will have another election with electronic voting devices that will be rigged left holds up the right smoke and mirrors -nuttin up my sleeve… pwesto same shit different package restore the republic and follow the constitution – find out who profits from what and get rig of the traitors

  10. I utterly despise mindless patriotism. I think mindless patriotism (America is the greatest country in the world) is in reality unpatriotic. People who are mindlessly patriotic don’t even understand their own words. They are just simpleminded followers and disproportionately authoritarians (research proves this). A mindless patriot will always say their country is the best, no matter what country they were born in. Mindless patriots living in North Korea think they live in the greatest country.

  11. Kabooki theater that’s exactly what it is!!!! Give Obama-nation the authority to raise the debt ceiling and next we will have him as our Dictator for the next 25 years!!! Who wants that???

  12. Mitch McConnell is a lunatic! I can’t believe the junk that comes out of his mouth in the hill. I am very happy to mute great parts of some the “speeches” the nuts make daily and all without any facts or displays of where tax rates currently are for everyone. They are just speaking in generalities. I am so sad after learning of the legacy of the decline from 1980 to present day by the greed filled wealth/war mongers.

  13. Demarcates vs Republicans = two parties sticking their tongues out at each other, while hitting current talking points, and preaching failed ideologies that got America in the position it is in today.

  14. The notion that the debt ceiling needs to be raised to pay SS and debt interest is a complete joke. There is all the money needed for that and medicare.

  15. we have more money then he public is allowed to no abought stored in fort knocks in gold the number that are out there on it are from when the price was 200 and oz now its over 1500 the government is just greedy and actually. The government aside money for this and on top of that ifno one was going to receive there money then you would not see lawyers still advertising to fight to help you et disability. and if it dus stop it will only be a scare andwe will receve i back in the next month.

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