Do you honestly believe that “healthcare reform” will actually reduce the nation’s deficit?

Do you honestly believe that “healthcare reform” will actually reduce the nation’s deficit?

Question by Flags of Our Fathers: Do you honestly believe that “healthcare reform” will actually reduce the nation’s deficit?

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Answer by V O
No, but nobody should die because they don’t have insurance.

Thumbs down? People really think others should die because they don’t have insurance?

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  1. Did Medicare?

    Everything that cums out of Obamas mouth is fraud. Healthcare cost are going to skyrocket.

    When healthcare cost skyrocket, less people are able to afford insurance. Not more.

  2. NO.

    Either way, a vote for a Republican or a Democrat is a wasted vote since it’s a vote to further bankrupt yourself.

    Due to the bankrupt fiscal policies of both major parties, each American taxpayer now owes over $ 142,000 just to pay their fair share of the total debt accumulated.

    Talk about flushing your future down the toilet!

    Time for Americans to wake up from the fairytale turned nightmare and actually get involved in creating an alternative path out of the wilderness.

  3. It will initially reduce the deficit for a coupe of years, as new taxes kick in, but later when expenditures come into effect, such as subsidies for the poor, ObamaCare will rapidly become a huge money sucking black hole.

    Typical ponzi scheme.

  4. of course it will . the cbo has the figures but we have decades of proof in canada an england too. we spend more money on it than any other country an we dont cover everybody like they do. we can pay less an cover more. the idea is that if your child gets sick we want to have a system that doesnt make you hold bake sales or beg to save their life.

  5. Of course not. Obamacare is a takeover of the freedoms of the American people. We need to put a stop to this before it is too late. America was founded on a revolt and we may need to defend our freedoms with another revolt.


  6. holy crap…how did we survive without gov. health care for over 200 years ? wow..the progressives have done a stellar job of dumbing down public school system.people actually are buying into this bullshit !

  7. Depending upon the validity of the assumptions utilized by the Congressional Budget Office it at least has the chance to do what has been claimed it will do. But, people need to look at the big picture. The health insurance reform legislation will cost approximately $ 940 billion over TEN YEARS, or $ 94 billion a year, while we spend over $ 700 Billion EACH YEAR for the Department of Defense budget. Thus, over ten years we will spend over $ 7 Trillion on defense spending while we won’t even spend $ 1 trillion on health insurance reform.

  8. Actually yes – do you have any idea how much money is sucked up by your Billionaire Masters who run the big insurance companies??? Useless republican parasites suck up the money from America and shift it to overseas accounts.

    So much for your big dramatic LOVE of America!

  9. There is no way it can. We’re trillions in the hole and this plan costs
    a few more trillions. Government cannot afford Soc. Security, Medicare,
    or Medicaid looking for these programs to end in the near future, so how
    can they keep a massive plan like this passing up the three doomed
    plans they already cannot pay for? It’s nonsense. Now Obama wants
    to include illegals in the plan……if not, then next he’ll fight to make those
    guys legal without going thru the normal channels America has always
    kept open in a decent, fair, and professional way.

  10. Yes. Of course it will. This will curb healthcare costs, and give more money to average people and less to the insurance companies. America is the only industrialized nation in the world that doesn’t have universal healthcare and we also have the highest healthcare costs. Coincidence?

  11. Think of the inflationary bloating bubble of the for-profit HMOs (started under Nixon, but deregulated under Reagan/Bush) and the GOP-deregulated insurance industry that has grown from 3x to 7x the rate of inflation, cumulatively, driving over-inflated health-related (insurance) costs up in the same destructive manner as occurred with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac until the bottom falls out. We spend 16% of our GDP on health care costs, with that figure going up each year (now nipped in the bud perhaps as we turn our focus on eliminating fraud, modernizing/computerizing record-keeping, and other cost-cutting measures). The modernization of hand-written records will cut hospital costs dramatically (so says the AMA lobbying group for medical professionals, who gave this idea a standing ovation when President Obama first spoke at their annual meeting), but will also eliminate errors, prevent duplications of tests or procedures, save inordinate amounts of time (time is money, after all), and give more quality face-time between the patient and doctor. The cost-savings may be slow-but-steady in building, but the Congressional Budget Office has indicated deficit reduction estimate at more than $ 690 billion in the first ten years, but as these savings compound and other provisions kick in, more than $ 1 TRILLION is eliminated in the subsequent years. Everything in this “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” which became law on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 is fully paid for (verified by the CBO) and does not add to the deficit, but some provisions do not kick in right away (see the entire bill and the new “fix” legislation being voted on in the House tonight (despite GOP efforts to mean-spiritedly and selfishly block these improvements) as posted on either or on Affordability, accessibility, accountability is what we now have for our health care system, thanks to the Democrats and especially thanks to President Obama, who has kept yet another promise made to the American people. [Note: The repayment of the bailout TARP funds by the banks is WITH INTEREST and is also being applied by the Obama administration to REDUCING THE DEFICIT…so far we have been paid back $ 79 BILLION from 14 of the 400 banks who took the taxpayer welfare, with more pending.]

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