Congressman Paul Discusses Healthcare Reform on Fox Biz

Congressman Paul Discusses Healthcare Reform on Fox Biz

Congressman Ron Paul and Stuart Varney discuss the problems with the healthcare reform bill on Sunday March 21.

Healthcare reform was passed this March to much acclaim, but many of its costs and limitations will only kick into effect years down the line, when Congress hopes voters aren’t paying attention anymore.

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  1. Are you referring to Ron Paul?

    America is the least moral country in the world? Less moral than Iran, North Korea, China, etc.? Please. You mention “least Christian,” but aren’t people like you for separation between church and state? If lack of universal healthcare = not Christian, then I guess that America was NEVER a Christian country.

  2. I do believe, though, that the healthcare mandate is unconstitutional. If people don’t want to buy health insurance, they should be able to take that risk. There are some young people out there who are really healthy and fit, and it’s a good gamble for them. They’d rather spend the money on something else or save.

  3. Paul is technically right about there being no “right” to healthcare. However, if someone can’t afford health insurance, I think that the government should help him out. Ron Paul seems to believe that some private charity will just magically be there to help everyone, but I kind of doubt it.
    I also support a public option. Perhaps those who have pre-existing conditions should just be forced to use a public option. That way they won’t put insurance companies out of business.

  4. The pre-existing condition clause means that people can now wait until they get sick to purchase health insurance. That’ll put the insurance companies out of business, although I do believe that everyone deserves healthcare.

  5. What I think he means is that there’s no constitutional right to have others pay for your healthcare. He’s technically correct there. Paul believes that that is theft, which is why he calls it immoral.

  6. do you think hes getting a check from the insurance companies?? they usually are. its weird how America is the least moral and least christian country in the world. i’m not talking about the people, i’m talking about the people in power.

  7. You don’t have a right to health care. As a contributing citizen who pays taxes to the state you do not have a right to medical care? I like Ron Paul but he is way off on this one. It doesn’t even make sense to call this immoral. Immoral is believing in the notion that you don’t have a right to health care.

  8. Lastly, people that have their insurance cancel unfairly are too sick to fight for justice in the court. Or too poor to fight for justice in court. Or they are dead. Maybe, that’s why you haven’t heard about it.

    Blue Cross has the power and money to hire people to find reason to cancel your insurance after a significant claim is submitted for payment. Because, as you mention, these companies are FOR PROFIT.

  9. @youbestbequiet Please google and read these articles:

    “Insurer targeted breast cancer patients to cancel”

    “Insurance Cancellation Scandal Widens: WellPoint, Blue Cross & Blue Shield Sued For Illegal Denials of Health Coverage”

    These scams from larget FOR PROFIT insurance companies are not so small as you think. They have been doing this for awhile

  10. @ClaireLe But see that doesn’t happen. I know many people who have had cancer and been treated, another friend had a double lung transplant and was literally in the hospital for 6 months…not a single one of them have been cancelled. They all have Blue Cross and united health care( which is out carrier) and never had a problem. I have had 2 in patient surgeries with no problems. What you see in the media is rare. Maybe one or two get cancelled but there are reasons, not just profit.

  11. @youbestbequiet If I pay medical insurance for 20 yrs, and then oneday I have cancer – the insurance company can see my case is a BAD investment. They break their promise/contract with me under “pre-condition” because they are FOR PROFIT – greedy. Then I don’t have the financial fund for healthcare. Can’t get chemotherapy – get worse each day. Then I land in ER. I can’t pay ER cost, then that cost goes on everyone else premium. Insurance company don’t have to pay a cent b/c they are FOR PROFIT.

  12. @youbestbequiet Insurance companies are in the business to compensation for specific POTENTIAL future losses in exchange for a periodic payment. As it is a potential, it may not happen in the future and the insurance company makes money. If it does happen, they lose money. That’s their business risks. They made a promise/contract to full their obligation if a potential medical problem arise that is unforseen.

  13. @ClaireLe I do not understand how the Govt can tell a private company that has to state ” for profit” when they incorporate…how can the Govt tell them they have to insure someone that they know they will lose money on. That is wrong on so many levels and will never hold water in court. While I feel bad for people with pre existing conditions, you cannot punish an insurance company that is FOR PROFIT, you can’t make them lose money. That just hurts the shareholders. Let them have medicaide

  14. @youbestbequiet Also, the bill is stops insurance company from taking away people insurance if they have “pre-condition”. If someone develope cancer, and if they are not cure in a few years, say 5, that person will be deny of healthcare insurance. They pretty are being told “go died because you are costing the insurance company”. I agree with Ron Paul because I know what he saying. But I need to make a choice b/w liberty and life – I choose life.

  15. @youbestbequiet I think you are being rather emotional about this. One of my main reason why the health care is good for America is because Canada and Europe have health care. The consensus is people in those countries are more healthy and the cost of healthcare is low. Furthermore, US army have free healthcare and is supposedly be the best healthcare in America. If the government can manage a successful healthcare system in the army, why not the general population?

  16. @ClaireLe You are an idiot if you think this bill is good for America. it screws each and every single American who has health care insurance now. Get a clue before you speak retard. You are correct about Ron Paul though.

  17. I believe the health care bill is good for the American people. Canada have health care and the country didn’t went into bankrupt. However, Ron Paul have some good agruements. If any republican should take presidency for 2012, it should be Ron Paul.

  18. “If one understands that Socialism is not a share-the-wealth program, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of super rich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all. Instead, it becomes logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs.

    Communism, or more accurately Socialism, is Not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite.”

    ~ Gary Allen, author

  19. Liberal economic commentator Paul Krugman says the so-called “death panels” established by President Obama’s trillion dollar nationalized health-care plan will end up saving “a lot of money” for the government. And Palin was a nut, you are all fools.

  20. Healthcare 101: TIME FOR MOTHERS MILK For a year after giving birth, nursing mothers must be allowed breaks on the job to express breast milk as often as necessary, and a private place to do so thats not a bathroom. Employers with fewer than 50 employees are exempt.

  21. if you all think you can do a better job then run for office; what’s stopping you? You like voicing your opinion? Use the internet to gather supporters and go on the ballot. The fact of the matter is if you fail it’s because you cannot garner confidence from the same people you seem to care so much about.

  22. Oh joy,look at the presents Obama has left for us after he is long gone.Maybe that is why he is doing what he is doing,so there will be no chance we will vote for him in 2012 and he will have to answer for all the lies he told.

  23. While I sympathize with your goals, it should be considered that “the country’s commitment to reform and democratization” may be illusory.

    A government that states that it has a legal system solely based on the rulings of the ulemaa is likely to be incompatible with reform and democratization.

    Surely the members of the ulemaa (who would lose power and prestige) woudl oppose any such reform or democratization.

    And so the question must be posed as to what direct and tangible benefits those in power in the ulemaa would derive from any such reform.

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