Can someone tell me why this is not part of “Healthcare Reform”?

Can someone tell me why this is not part of “Healthcare Reform”?

Question by Mutt: Can someone tell me why this is not part of “Healthcare Reform”?
I went into the ER last month for chest pains (never had any like this before, and my father had a heart attack when he was around the same age I am now). The care I received was absolutely superb, and it turned out just to be really bad indigestion, and the doctor recommended Prilosec..

I just got the insurance statement for it, and the treatment for all this was about $ 1800. They connected me to an EKC machine, took a couple X-rays of my chest, and gave me a “cocktail” of Linocaine (I think that’s what it was) and Maalox. Unless they are selling me the EKC machine, I can’t see a justification of this cost. And this does not even include the doctor’s bill nor the radiologist. Those were submitted separately.

So why is the actual cost of the care received not being considered part of “Healthcare Reform”? Is it really completely the insurance companies fault that insurance cost so much? Or could part of the reason be outrageous cost the healthcare providers (doctor’s, hospitals, clinics, etc.) charge to your insurance company?
I admit I haven’t read the entire bill (and neither has Congress), but everything I hear from news media and people on forums like Y!A is all about the insurance companies. Nothing is ever said about cleaning up the charges the medical side submit to the insurance companies, or tort reform those outrageous lawsuits because someone wants to get rich.
As I said, this is just the ER. From past experience, I know there will be a few more submitted, like the doctor’s charge, the radiologist charge, the lab work charge, and probably a charge from the janitor that would have had to clean up a mess if I vomited (the janitor charge is a joke, but you get the idea).

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Answer by Sadcat
It IS part of healthcare reform.

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  1. Somebody has to pay for all the free care the illegal immigrants are getting in our ER’s. Thank you for doing your fair share.

    I’m not trying to be a wiseguy about this either but as a healthcare worker, I can tell you that many hospitals budget their ER’s to have negative income. They budget a loss because of all the care they give but cannot bill.

    The question you should perhaps ask is why are the politicians not including themselves in the Obamacare bill

  2. Simple. Cost of CARE isn’t a villain to Obama (but it should be) … Insurance companies are easier to label as villains.

    And sadly, the gullible sheep fall for it.

  3. Primarily because of the rising malpractice claims, as these suits raise so does the cost, they go hand and hand.

    They have to be balanced and the frivolous medical malpractice suits are only going to increase. All of the uninsured people who use the ER and don’t pay, the costs are driven up as a direct result.

    Reform couldn’t combat the outlook of either of those aspects effectively, that is the problem.

  4. You know what- since that bill raises costs of medical devices those bills will only go up more- double or triple.
    Govt Daniels said thousands in Indiana will lose their jobs because of the rise on medical devises in Obama bill.
    These people in our White House- are DESTRUCTIVE!

    Ever had a destructive kid? This is that kind all GROWN UP!

  5. I got a cut that needed 8 stiches. The local clinic refused me because they said it was too deep.
    $ 1200 at the ER for 8 stitches. The doctor charged me $ 400 and all he did was look at what the “sub-doctor had done” . No disrepect, I just forget what they titled him.

    You got off cheap.

  6. It’s such a complicated subject. After all, the health care reform bill is 2,700 pages. Only a super brain I would image could understand it or an idiot with an attitude. If you only paid $ 1,800 for your treament that’s remarkable. To say the least I was surprised by reading that total especially after all of the medical care you received. Sad to say, however, right now we are in the midst of a whirlpool of lies from both sides. Lies, misinformation, spin has eroded any truth about health care reform from both sides. It has become a hyper ugly social situation revealing the worst in us as human beings.

  7. First, I have a hard time believing your bill was only $ 1800. I would have put it a lot closer to $ 5000.

    Second, one of the reasons for reforming the health insurance situation in this country is because the cost of all the uninsured is being added to the cost of every bill you pay.

    As to malpractice, here is a pretty good take on it. As you can see, even adding the costs of actual malpractice suits and possible overtreatment to avoid malpractice suits, it’s a negligible fraction of medical costs. This is yet another instance of an insurance company(who do you think pays for malpractice suits?) to cut their costs, while not passing any savings along to the patients. Texas did tort reform several years ago, and our costs have continued to skyrocket.

  8. There are many factors that have driven up the cost of health care and insurance. Reduced payments and withholding of payments by Medicare/Medicaid have driven up the costs, providers are forced to make up the difference by increasing rates. Tort law suit insurance is another huge cost to providers because of an endless line of tort lawyers seeking to file for litigation. Each suit has to be addressed by the insurance companies at a huge cost to the system each year. The largest part of those suits are frivolous in nature but still cost the system. Another factor are the patients that do not pay their bills because they can’t afford the cost, amounting into millions each year.
    Clamp down on tort suits to ensure only reasonable valid suits are brought into court and allow national competition, which will encourage insurance companies to reduce rates to providers.
    We have the best system in the world, but it is in danger of being dismantled by the current legislation. There are ways to improve the system without destroying what we already have.

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