Can someone PLEASE give me a brief explanation of this “Healthcare Reform” and what its supposed to do?

Can someone PLEASE give me a brief explanation of this “Healthcare Reform” and what its supposed to do?

Healthcare Reform

Question by ♥Jamie♥: Can someone PLEASE give me a brief explanation of is “Healthcare Reform” and what its supposed to do?
Will they really be taking more out of our pay?

HealthCare Reform
HealthCare Reform


I have heard so many versions of Healthcare Reform.

Please help me understand.

Thank you!

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Answer by *SuMmEr* Bella is 8 months!

That has all kinds of things you can click on to learn about Healthcare Reform..It’s so much to explain and yes we will be taxed for it…But we are already being taxed for those without health care who don’t pay their hospital bills so it’s really not that different.

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Key Elements Of Healthcare Reform #1. Global Payments

Under the governor’s bill, doctors and hospitals would no longer be paid for each individual service they provide. Instead, they would have a yearly budget for the care of their patients. Right now, if a patient has asthma or diabetes, they see a doctor or go to a hospital for the most part when they are sick. The health care system makes money on us being sick and there are few limits on the cost of care. With global payments, the budgeting plan the governor wants to use, doctors and hospitals will already have the money, so it will be in their interest to keep patients healthy and out of the hospital.

Key Elements Of Healthcare Reform #2. A New Oversight Commission

A fundamental part of the bill would establish a new independent board or commission to oversee the transition to global payments. This board would set the rules related to global payments. It would set guidelines for new networks called accountable care organizations (ACOs) — this is a term you’ll start hearing a lot. With every health care movement we have to learn a new vocabulary. ACOs are networks of doctors, hospitals, mental health and rehab centers and home care agencies.

Key Elements Of Healthcare Reform #3. Capping Hospital Payments From Insurers

Here’s where we get to part two of the bill, or maybe a second bill. Since the transition to global payments will take a few years, the governor is considering a short-term cap on the increases hospitals can negotiate with insurers. The numbers aren’t set yet, but a 5 percent increase in one year might be the limit. The other possibility is that this new board or commission would move ahead with global payments and have the option of capping rate increases if the transition takes too long.

Key Elements Of Healthcare Reform #4. Public Support?

The House and Senate are not on board with this bill. The administration is hoping to get the endorsement for at least the outline of his plan next week from an advisory committee on payment reform legislation. And Patrick will need the backing of business, municipal and consumer group groups who say it’s time to tackle rising health care costs. We’ll see if the public thinks it’s time and that this is right way to proceed.

We all need to be aware of the Key Elements Of Healthcare Reform and how they affect us.

Healthcare Reform

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  1. listen to your news on tv or newspaper. as for taking more out of your pay. what r u tal;king about. i have not heard of anyone taking anything outof your paycheck you have been misinformed. ?????????

  2. Simple. Trying to follow in Canada’s footsteps to get you health care. And yes, it would mean money coming out of your pay-cheque with every other tax you pay into like EI, RSP’s, etc…It means you can go into a hospital with a broken body and stay as long as you want with out paying a dime. So I wouldn’t worry about the $ 5 that might come out of your pay-cheque.

  3. Quick explanantion is the intent is to lower health care cost, by mandating that everyone has health care, meaning you will have to now have health insurance, if you can not afford it because of your work, the government will have insurance companys that work for low profit just to get everyone on board, It will lower health care by alot basically because if you look at how expensive medicine is, alot of it is because of health insurance now, if you have insurance you don’t care that a pill cost 1200 dollars in the hostipital, but if you don’t you probably got alot of bills to pay and after sometime it becomes a write off that the government pays for you, in exchange for your credit score. Now if you just think that if everyone has health care, then your Blue Cross Blue Shields would have to lower there rates because, there is going to be alot of competion, same as hostibitals, they will soon have to lower rates to, medicine itself will be projected to be decreased by 500 billion dollars in the next 10 years. Also all medicine for senior citizen’s will automatically become 50 percent off (Awesome I think) and if you make over 500 thousand a year your tax will raise by 1 percent to help fund the start of the bill

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