Anti Healthcare Protest – City Hall Health Care Reform Protesters – Tea Party Rally

Anti Healthcare Protest – City Hall Health Care Reform Protesters – Tea Party Rally

Stag News footage of the Tea Party demonstrators from a town hall meeting on 08/29/2009 healthcare reform. There is also a “Billionaires for Commonwealth Care” cameo. ————————————————– ————————————————– ——- Featured On: Frontline: Obama Deal IFC’s Media Project ED Show (MSNBC) The Huffington Post, The Ron Reagan Show (Air America),,, HotAir. com,,,, Key Words: Angry Spring Valley Republicans Democrats nationalized universal public option Marxist Hitler Abortion Nazi Brown Shirts Storm Troopers Acorn Sean Hannity Glenn Beck Mike Savage Fox News CNN Bill O’Reilly Rationing Death Panels Euthanasia AARP Seniors Private Public expenditure Hidden Term Abortion Taxes Medicare Medicade Hospitals Health Angry Shouting Yelling Screaming argue Protest unconstitutional Protesters Billionaires For Commonwealth Care Screaming Yelling Shouting Biting Off Finger Bitten Bites Tenth Birthe Movement San Diego Tea Party Kick Off Rally on October 25 10/25 Teabag USS Constitution The Ed Show Talk Psycho Stag MSNBC News StagNews 912 Project
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  1. I really, really hope that these people don’t believe that society just comes into existence all of a sudden and has nothing to do with the establishment of government. Sociologists state that society is a mixture of social interaction and the building of structure that leads to division of labor. Do they all think that structure just comes out of thin air? No.
    And as for that lady who says to “go die”, I really hope she knows she’s sentencing millions to death. Now, THAT sounds like Hitler.

  2. 1:14 lmao the USS Constitution…this is why rednecks shouldn’t protest or be in office…it’s the US Constitution buddy…get it right…

  3. @PeaceJustice4ever The genius of the Constitution is our ability to change it. Our forefathers were smart enough to know that they didn’t know everything & that times change. Are you aware that many of the men who signed the constitution were hemp growers and slave owners?
    Politicians keep weak minded people confused with rhetoric while each side is grabbing money hand over fist. Obama did it in Chicago with Tony Rezko. Bush did it by profiting from the dismantling of environmental standards.

  4. Its disgusting how that one guy was talking about how we need to rely solely on God. This is a secular nation founded on by rule of law not theocracy.

  5. Those on the right don’t have arguments….THEY HAVE ORDERS! Look at how they were led by the nose from Wall Street to Main Street and ordered to attack teachers, cops, and firefighters. BEYOND sad.

  6. The biggest threat to government is OUR generation, they love it that they we don’t vote because things stay the same. We need to get out and vote, if you are 18-29 I want to see you at the polls! We need to shock them with our voter turn out, remember this is OUR future too!

  7. watch this in amazement. People say things and they don’t have their facts straight but the bottom line with health care revision was to give people who had little or no money health care. All of this about making you change doctors was a lie. All of the so called Christians what about your fellow brother and sister without a job and no job to get? Not your problem I guess, only until you are in the same boat. Don’t worry, it’s coming but remember, you don’t need help.

  8. Tea Bagger: “I got a book here called the U.S.S Constitution”. Well, it seems to me that he hasn’t read a single page from “that book” since he can’t even get the title right.

  9. imagine, that guy (with the constitution in his hand) becoming a government official, I wonder if he’s gonna address whole arguments or just raise the constitution and declare he’s read it, but doesn’t get the fact that government can intervene in our lives….itz been doin dat for quite a while….

  10. that dude does realize the constitution has more than 10 pages right? I have the real constitutional law book and it’s 500 pages lolololol

  11. I seriously don’t understand people. I’m scared for the future of the world if people like this are ever in positions of political and social power.. wow…

  12. How does the healthcare make Obama just like Hitler? Yeah Hitler had great healthcare and cared about how healthy people are hahaha wow people amaze me

  13. We have socialized healthcare here where I live, but it's still prohibitively expensive, enough to put a big dent in your pocket. Like in America, you're better off not getting sick.

    Healthcare cushions the blow, but there's a fine line between healthcare and half-assed healthcare. And you'll find that the only difference between half-assed healthcare and no healthcare is – you're paying to go broke instead of bankrupt.

  14. P.S. Tony, I think students are more notorious for partying.

    And if we're to discuss the courage of 60s protesters, I think I'd use the civil rights protesters like Spike Lee showed in his 4 Little Girls.

    Facing the dynamite of racists, those protesters showed some courage. And while we could say they distrusted authority, like Bull Connor, I'd say they wanted the enforcement of the law, not the destruction of “the system.”

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