11/9/09 Ron Paul: Healthcare Reform is Economic Malpractice

11/9/09 Ron Paul: Healthcare Reform is Economic Malpractice

www.house.gov CampaignForLiberty.com As Washington continues debating healthcare reform the rest of the country is primarily concerned about jobs and the economy. It is still uncertain what policies will be implemented, but I am certain about one thing It will only further devastate our economy and our dollar. The leadership has come up with a proposal they are confident will be what they consider fiscally responsible, only to have it scored as nearly twice as expensive by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. Estimates of past healthcare spending programs have been off by as much as 100 percent so there is no telling what the actual cost will be. The past century should have taught us one thing: that government intervention is expensive. Government programs lend themselves so easily to waste, fraud and abuse. Combine that with overall inefficiency and it all adds up to a hefty price tag for the taxpayer, with not much leftover for actual services. An outright takeover of an entire sector of the economy, especially one as important as healthcare, is something that we just cannot afford for the government to do right now. Not to mention the fact that it is completely unconstitutional. But Washington insists on torturing the numbers and tinkering around the edges rather than facing this truth. If healthcare reform does indeed pass, we should not be under the illusion that it will be free. The money to pay for it will have to come from somewhere. They say they will

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  1. email Ron Paul (above ) and ask Him to Run. He has the backing of the American People. Let him know that we want a True American not a usurper and his croonies.

  2. Netherland & Switzerland, 99% coverage and no public plan, but insurance companies are regulated like utility companies. Taiwan & Singapore have best medical care system in the world, 99% coverage, high quality, NO WAITING, and they are government run with less 5% GDP. Unreasonable premium, preexisting condition exclusion, changing drug formulary, deny treatment, medicare drug GAP for Senior are just plain wrong. Come on my fellow American, let us fix the healthcare for our children sakes!

  3. Your view of the people paying rent to the federal government in order to live in this country is quite sad. I suggest you look up and read some information about the founding of this nation, the constitution of this nation, and the conditions of English rule that caused the American Revolution. We the People are sovereign in this nation and are not residents or subjects to be ruled over by the federal government. I would suggest those who want socialism look elsewhere, and leave us alone.

  4. raising someones taxes isnt theft.

    Thats like saying a landlord raising rent is theft.

    You pay rent to live in the country. If you dont like paying rent.. you can leave the country. Just like you can leave an apartment if you think the rent is too high.

    If you want to live a luxurious lifestyle (ie better apartment) you have to pay more rent.

  5. The people paying for it, namely the tax payers comprising the middle class, do not qualify and have to buy their own insurance; in other words they are picking the tab for the one third below them that do not pay taxes (including the 1/2 million people living there illegally) and they do not benefit form it.

  6. Stop using Interstate Highway system. Take helicopter flights to work or wherever you have to go. Interstate Highway system is also a big socialist project built and maintained by “forced tax” from you.

  7. Ron Paul is an honest zealot.
    Went down the drain in having enough people vote for him to make him credible.
    But reading the comments on this tread he obviously attracts more than his share of crackpots.

  8. @megarational
    Emergency wards charge their patients for services rendered. So your point is? What worries me is you advocate legalizing theft. In a system driven by charity, greed runs rampant (i.e. communism). In a system driven by greed, charity is encouraged (i.e. capitalism).

  9. 98% of people’s welfare is payed for by the 2% richest people, who still have more money then most people so it’s okay, why would i care, i live 10 times better then 90% of americans, enjoy your illusion of having low taxes means having alot of money, hah paying thease taxes mean i don’t pay for all that stuff you have to do, and if i get sick it’s never a problem, Ever.

  10. I agree that including tort reform in the USA health care reform is an appropriate avenue. I am not sure, however, if reducing the number of large medical lawsuits will consequently allow funding to be recycled into improving access to decent medical care for those currently excluded. It will reduce the cost of tort insurance and put more money in doctors' pockets.

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