Newsweek: Are we running out of antibiotics?

Newsweek: Are we running out of antibiotics?

Newsweek: Are we running out of antibiotics ?
More and more bacteria become resistant to the most powerful drugs in our arsenal of new weapons are increasingly difficult to find. Why we need to change our thinking on the treatment of infection.
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  1. The 1st stage of Lyme Illness is the heavy rash that shows up straight after a tick bite. Naturally you must follow your doc's information in a technique to address the illness, because it could take an extended course of antibiotics to lose it.

  2. The dimensions of this risk increased with the age of the patients. Just 39 patients over sixty five years would have to be treated with antibiotics to stop one case of pneumonia matched against 119 patients between the ages of 1 and 64 year.

  3. The disease might distribute to the prostate, epiddymis, and seminal vesicles leading to pain, fever, and swelling. These drugs may also be passed from mum to kid in breast milk.

    It's also vital for people with gonorrhea to be tested for other sicknesses. Gonorrhea patients are particularly exposed to getting infected with Chlamydia at the same time.

  4. I guess this is the end of the line for me and Time magazine. I subscribe to both Time and Newsweek. Glenn Beck on the cover of this week's Time . . . especially in comparison to the cover story and rich reporting regarding same for my most recent Newsweek (“The Case for Killing Granny”) pretty much separated the chaff from the wheat. I read the Newsweek issue pretty much cover to cover. I need information . . . I don't need to be entertained, enraged, or dumbed down!

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