Natural Cure for Anxiety and Depression

Natural Cure for Anxiety and Depression

Dr. James Privitera

, a renowned expert in the medication against allergies and nutrition, the author of the book Silent Clots – the biggest killer of life, during an interview with, talk about anxiety and depression.

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  1. Ever consider talking to the great healer of all diseases about depression.It’s called prayer.
    Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; Psalm 103:3.
    Of course this won’t work unless you are a real Christian.

  2. The best natural cure for anxiety and depression is diet and exercise. If the schools would teach it properly to the kids instead of learning them all sorts of crap, by the time the kids are grown up, they’d be able to conquer and control their own depression.

  3. I have had severe panic attacks for 20 years untill I have discovered the books of a late Australian Doctor CLAIRE WEEKES which in fact saved my life.I read all her 5 books and PRACTICE everyday all her recommendation and i am now CURED.

  4. @Ichliebemusikundybd I got my first one 2 days ago on a plane at 32 years of age….is it mind over matter or?….my heart is still throbbing a bit,even after paramedics saw me at JFK

  5. @Ichliebemusikundybd in your body otherwise known as ’emotional body’ but this time in a good way. People in general don’t understand quite how powerful their thoughts are, however once you establish recognition for this innate ability all human minds possess you’ll not only live a life free from high levels of anxiety and or depression but you’ll live a far more promising life than ever before. Ignorance is what keeps us in the dark, choose light and you’ll be happy : ))

  6. @Ichliebemusikundybd it up like a ‘blemish’ therefore you’ll have far better results in not only overcoming your fear or fears but your sub-conscious mind will be open to new-found energies one in which should be constructive in all formats if you want to live a effective life. Use meditation, positive affirmations, re-playing a scenario when you were happy, and also visualization a day following this one where you experience positive emotions in return you’ll activate the bio-chemical reaction

  7. This guy is a joke, in order to cure your anxiety and or depression without the use of drugs you’ll be required to repair your ‘mental wiring’. To do this successfully I recommend you dig a tunnel surrounding your sub-conscious mind and identify the elements that initiated the unpleasant emotions; once you’ve completed this process it’s always important to write it all out in a sheet of paper and or consult your local therapist, by doing this you’re acknowledging the problem not trying to cover

  8. I would highly recommend the Art of Living course for treating anxiety & depression. Its just a 6 day course, natural, safe, cost effective with amazing results. Check online for info abt it, as to when & where its happening near u…since its happening 140 countries now.

  9. Please go to my channel and see my testimony. I used to suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and agarophobia. I have been set free for over 5 years. No meds, no “panic away” or “linden method”. You can be set free too and it won’t cost you a dime. GOD bless you all.

  10. take 2 drops of lugols iodine solution in a glass of water with 1 tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar. 2 times a day. solved.

  11. At the onset of panic attacks or disorder, it is best to go see your doctor immediately and have it evaluated as this will not only give you a clear understanding of what condition you are undergoing but this could also prevent the aggravation of the disorder.

  12. Taking short naps can also help with the depression
    and stress because when you sleep you are not sad
    and you are not thinking.
    I used to take Prozac a few years ago,it really helps
    with anxiety and depression. I had to take it for 6 months
    every day because I was soo depressed. After the 6 months
    I would take it once in a while if the doctor letted me.

  13. yeah, this music is very depressing along with his monotone. He doesnt even look or talk like a doctor. Its not professional because u dont play music that over powers the voice, he studiers and looks like someone who wants to be a doctor and just walked into someones office in high school.

  14. This video really opens eyes. Im so glad Ive overcome my anxiety problems. The Cure For Anxiety ebook was the best thing i ever found. I really recommend it loads to everyone! I think it usually costs but I got it for free from the site: thecureforanxiety. weebly .com

  15. A mature, caring health professional takes the time to assist freely by making a You Tube video. What do the youth do? Pile on him for using relaxing music. This behavir will really encourage other medical experts to share selflessly, won’t it?


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