Should overweight people be denied health care under the reform, unless enrolled in an exercise and diet program?

Should overweight people be denied health care under the reform, unless enrolled in an exercise and diet program?

Questions synthetic Messiah 😕 Should overweight people be denied health care under the reform, unless enrolled in an exercise and diet program
So, according to research .. “Medical problems – Less than 2 percent of all cases of obesity can be traced back to a metabolic disease, such as low thyroid function or hormonal imbalances.” This means that the 98% of the obese in this country have no excuses other so they eat more than they should and are too lazy to exercise to keep fit. So are we as taxpayers generally pay extra because these people refuse to take care of themselves. We’ll have to pay the bill when they are hospitalized because they decided to eat themselves into a heart attack, diabetes, or any other medical condition that occurs from being violently overvægtig.Jeg find it hard to believe that 98% of obese people can not find 30 minutes a day to do any kind of cardiovascular exercise, when they spend more than that most likely, while overspisning.Så my question is. Should obese people of America be forced to enroll in an exercise and diet plan to be covered by the benefits of this new health care reform? The cost of this exercise and dieting plan will be much less than the costs relating to hospital visits and surgery due to obesity-related sygdomme.Som one who takes care of herself and watches what he eats, I find it absurd I’ll have to pay my hard earned money to fund the medical expenses for extremely high risk persons who refuse to change their destructive adfærd.Ville you want to pay the medical bills of someone who deliberately shoots himself? There is very little difference between these people, apart from the fat of our nation’s cost much more over a lifetime due to several if not dozens of hospital visits because of their poor health and vaner.Jeg think by to make them sign up for any kind of exercise program will not only improve quality of many of the potentially life-threatening outcomes of obesity must forebygges.Her is another possible way to do it so well .. Instead of forcing them, health insurance companies gives them an opportunity. Either you pay more because you’re more of a health risk, OR, you can join our exercise and diet program to receive a discount as long as you continue det.Dette would enable lazy face stuffer to be lazy, just they would have to pay more to be more of a risk. On the other hand, we could give them incentives to those who want to pay less by making themselves less with responsibilities, and improve their lives dramatically. Best answer:

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Without doubt in my mind! our health system would not be in turmoil, it is in right now if it happened 30 years ago, when obesity really started steam rolling as it did. I am not a fan of the health care reform, but if I am forced to do so at least that can be done to reduce costs is forcing non-medically obese people to exercise. much as they do in Japan and China. If we like the socialist system so much, make sure you add in all parameters!

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  1. No they should no be forced to, American is a free country. As soon as that happens is when the next hitler rolls around. It is wrong to even have a thought, for example what id someone said that your to skinny and you had to gain weight? Or that you were to stupid and had to stay in high school. Your freedom would be the last thing you wanted revoked right? The other people feel the same wat and no one gives a dam whether you are healthy or not.

  2. I see your point but it would never fly. First off you got the people who would say (rightly or wrongly, I don’t know) that their obesity is linked to a mental disorder. “I eat too much because I suffer from depression” or “Overeating is an addiction, like any other” Also, where would it end? You can’t target obese people and their life style, and leave smokers or alcoholics or even dangerous drivers alone. Tax payers are already paying for poor lifestyle choices. Not to demean anyone who actually requires assistance, but aren’t you already offended that you pay so people can have 11 kids they can’t afford and live off welfare? Yes I realize obesity seems to be an epidemic in the states but really you can’t single out one group of people and force them to change their lifestyle.
    I have to agree though it would change some lives for the positive.

  3. This would probably create more problems than it would solve.

    If you are going to penalise obese people perhaps smokers and drinkers should be penalised as well.

    Perhaps anorexic people should be penalised as well.

    People who have accidents through their own fault should perhaps be penalised as well.

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