Researching Venues for Medical Research Jobs

Researching Venues for Medical Research Jobs

Researching Venues for Medical Research Jobs

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Home Page > Careers > Researching Venues for Medical Research Jobs

Researching Venues for Medical Research Jobs

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Posted: Mar 10, 2008 |Comments: 0




The expansion of health care and pharmaceutical companies throughout the world has increased the number of medical research jobs. Medical research initiatives funded by taxpayers as well as corporate investors are designed for primary discoveries as well as secondary products. Primary discoveries are drugs, supplies and diagnostic equipment that fit within the original plan of action while secondary products arise from accidental discoveries during medical research. You can find medical research jobs involved in primary and secondary discoveries through a number of venues.

Researchers who want to participate in the creation of medical guidelines and standards can work with government labs. These laboratories approach medical research from two different fronts. Testing centres use medical researchers to look at proposed pharmaceuticals as well as random tests of products on the market to maintain consumer safety. Many government laboratories will conduct medical research on independent initiatives including emergency equipment needed for military personnel.

There are plenty of medical research jobs in universities throughout the United Kingdom for researchers dedicated to specific medical conditions. These positions allow young scientists and experienced researchers to combine their unique views on medical research to study long-standing maladies. Many universities have laboratories devoted to cancer, diabetes, AIDS and other physical problems that offer medical research jobs for scientists devoted to a single disease.

Researchers who want a steady pay-check as well as state of the art resources should look for medical research jobs at private laboratories. Pharmaceutical companies have extensive medical research departments that test pills, ointments and other solutions for medical problems. There are a multitude of independent laboratories funded by pharmaceutical and medical supply companies that conduct tests on products to meet government standards. These positions will continue to grow as pharmaceutical companies expand their range of products but many medical researchers are worried about their reputations while working in the private sector.

A niche market for medical researchers exists in non-profit and advocacy agencies looking for independent research. The number of medical research jobs in the non-profit field remains small though the growth in philanthropic efforts funding these positions has grown in the 21st century. These jobs combine the high-minded ethical standards associated with university work with the resources available to medical researchers in the private sector. The problem with advocacy and non-profit positions is the uncertainty associated with philanthropic funding. These positions are ideal for younger researchers in need of experience as well as older scientists who have built up a retirement fund from other positions.

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