Organ donation and religious discrimination?

Organ donation and religious discrimination?

Question by Magpie: Organ donation and religious discrimination?
So I’m filling out my renewal for my driver’s license and when I got to the part about “In the even of a fatality do you wish to donate your body?”. But there’s only two choices–“transplant” and “medical research”. So I call up the DMV and I ask then where the check box for “food bank” is, and the woman gives me a hard time and hangs up. I suspect that this is because the food bank in my town is operated by nuns and the DMV is interfering with my freedom of religion. How can they get away with letting atheists donate their bodies to “science” while honest, god-fearing folks can’t donate their body to a worthwhile Christian charity? Is this fair?

Thanks in advance.

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(((magpie))) I’d eat you up even if I was rich.

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  1. I wonder why you’re growing so sick, nowadays?

    I used to know a Magpie who was very level-headed, but, I don’t think you’re the same person. Anyway, the one I knew was a Brit.

    Anyway, haven’t you heard of the Parsee Faith?

    They have the Towers of Silence where they leave their dead to be the food for the birds.

    Please apply there.


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