Honest question: Do you think Bush vetoed the “stem cell” bill just to thumb his nose at Dems?

Honest question: Do you think Bush vetoed the “stem cell” bill just to thumb his nose at Dems?

Question by Joey’s Back: Honest question: Do you think Bush vetoed the “stem cell” bill just to thumb his nose at Dems?
I’d say it’s a safe bet that Bush does not understand stem cell research, nor the ramifications of the bill he vetoed (which will put a great deal of other medical research “on hold” or completely out of business). So, was he just doing what the string-pullers told him to do? And, if he vetoed it on “religious” grounds, is this the kind of president people really want?

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Answer by A Person
You fail to understand the bill he vetoed. He vetoed federal funding of embryonic stem cell research, where human embryos are created and then killed to harvest their stem cells. He vetoed it out of moral conviction that human life should not be treated like a product to be harvested, after all we object to animal testing, are animals more important than human embryos ?

He did not veto stem cell research in general. There are other sources for getting stem cells, among them using stem cells form the placenta and a new published result that uses a genetically engineered virus to convert adult cells to stem cells (though this has only been done on mouse cells so far, and they are still working on transitioning the technique to human cells).

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  1. Bush vetoed the Federal Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research Bill as a concession to the religious right. He pledged he would veto it, so he did it.

  2. You’re right about him not understanding, and unfortunately, he does not want to understand, since by far the majority of people in this country want stem cell research. However, he is also a hypocrite(big surprise) since if he truly believes the reason it should get no federal funding is because it is immoral then he should support a law to make it illegal period!

    And by the way, A Person, this bill did not allow for the deliberate creation of embryos, just the use of those that would be discarded anyway.

  3. If he did, just to follow your assumption, isn’t it a dangerous thing for a President to do? doesn’t it just show that this man is incapable of running a football team let alone a country?

    anything is possible with this guy… period.

  4. He panders to the religious righwingnuts.
    He doesn’t keep separation of church and state.
    He is arrogant and I can just see him snickering, his head bobbing and saying “gottcha”. People will suffer and I hope he needs the knowledge of stem cell research in his very near future.

  5. i believe bush,as well as many other world leaders have secret stem cell labs to help them prolong their lives.
    they dont want to share with the rest of us.
    the fewer amount of humans on the earth , the less we eat and they want the food for themselves

  6. It’s due to the fact that life starts at conception and 2 evils don’t make a good thing.
    Nothing wrong with protecting the unborn.
    those people with no conscience or sense of dedication to God will never understand.
    we pray for them any how.

  7. Apparently, some Republicans also want to fund stem cell research because he vetoed another stem cell research bill last year when the House was mostly Republican. Bush seems very simple-minded. The research will be done in Europe anyway.

  8. When are you people going to understand that there is no law preventing stem cell research….The bill he vetoed was for the federal government funding of this research. If your state wants to fund it it can (California’s does). If a private citizen wishes to fund it they can…and if a corporation wishes to fund it they can.

  9. There are many Billionaires who have the right to fund stem cell research. If they want to spend their own money, they are more than welcome. President Bush fully understands the bill, and does not want to spend government money on research. It is his right as president to veto any bill he chooses, for any reason. Next time you can vote for someone who wants stem cell research.

  10. I’d say it’s a safe bet that the majority of people period don’t understand stem cell research. The only stem cells that have not shown promise for anything so far are embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cells, umbilical stem cells have shown to have greater possibilities than embryonic stem cells.

    Pres. Bush isn’t trying to ban stem cell research, of any kind. He said in a speech that there are embryonic lines already in the research line that can be used. He just doesn’t think that government should subsidize the research.

    I don’t have a problem with embryonic stem cell research as long as we are not creating embryos with the express purpose of destroying them for research, and I don’t think government should be involved with subsidizing it. Anything the government gets involved in, it will screw it up. Leave the research to the people that know what they’re doing. Let them pay for the research, they will make the expense back when they find something they can use.

  11. Of course Bush doesn’t know what stem cell research is. He just did it for the millions of conservative Christians who keep electing dumbasses like him.

  12. Ok, I would really like to know if you have done your research on stem cell research. Because, there has been a lot of headway with adult stem cell research, and with research done with the placenta – both being done with out harming the baby – yes, I said baby. Because, despite what you may think, that is what an embryo is – a baby. Vetoing means, the government, that is the taxpayers are not paying for the embryonic stem cell research. A private company can do anything it wants to do, and if a private company thought there was money in it, they would have invested in it. There have already been results with the other two types of stem cell research. But, you liberals think only the embryonic because destroying the lives of human beings is what you do best. And, despite what you may think, there are still many Christians in America, and we do not want our tax dollars funding the killing of innocent human life, especially when there are other means of doing the same research – that has already produced results. Do the research.

  13. I don’t know enough about stem cell research to really answer this question, but I do know that nothing, and I mean nothing, that Bush has ever done, has ever been motivated by what is right and moral. He is 1000% strictly elitist, and if (and that is a big IF) anything he has ever done, actually turned out right for the common people, it was purely by accident. *sm*

  14. He did it because his ole’lady and the “Puppet Master”……..
    Dick Cheney told him too……”And, that’s all I have to say about that.” As far a “thumbing his nose”, he has to find out what Dick says first. I do think Dick will give him the “thumbs-up” on that one.

  15. Nope – I think he did it due to his medieval moral code and the ignorance that that code encourages.

    I see a lot of answerers saying embryonic SC research has no results – which is true, but it never got a chance to start before the talibangelicals shut it down by blocking funding.

    Circular reasoning at it’s very finest.

  16. There’s a huge difference between embryonic stem cell research and adult stem cell research. He funds Adult SCR and vetoed ESCR. This is not because he’s pandering to the right as some suggest. It is a simple fact that A) it’s his moral conviction, and B) in all the years that ESCR has been researched, it has yielded no help for disease whatsoever, while on the other hand, ASCR has offered CURES to 88 different diseases. So why when ASCR is so promising are we still wanting to throw tax dollars after something that doesn’t work?? Why not throw those tax dollars to something that has been PROVEN to be beneficial.

    Next, Bush’s veto does not mean that ESCR is not funded, it is just not funded with tax dollars. It still gets hundreds of millions of dollars a year from private funds such as corporations and not-for-profits. Even that said, there has been no promising advances — only defeats — in ESCR.

  17. He is just the kind of president this country needs. He did not veto a “stem cell” bill. He vetoed a fetal stem cell bill. I’d say it’s a safe bet he understood exactly what he was doing. I am proud to have him as our president.

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