Biomarkers becoming an integral part of medical research

Biomarkers becoming an integral part of medical research

Biomarkers becoming an integral part of medical research

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Home Page > News and Society > Causes & Organizations > Biomarkers becoming an integral part of medical research

Biomarkers becoming an integral part of medical research

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Posted: Nov 16, 2010 |Comments: 0


Medical research comes in many different forms and it is an industry that can be extremely slow and frustrating to work in at times and exhilarating and fast-paced the next minute. The overriding aim of anyone working in the field is to help improve human health, whether that is through experimental research that is being done in a laboratory situation or clinical trials. The advancement of knowledge is crucial as is the sharing of that knowledge, and while the sector can be highly competitive, everyone is working towards the same eventual aims.

The breakthroughs in medical research that make the news can sometimes have a profound impact on human health and discoveries can impact on the lives of people from all sorts of backgrounds, in countries all around the world. However, behind those major breakthroughs are many thousands of people who work day in, day out, conducting tests and gathering data and results.

Biomarkers are now playing an important role in helping researchers carry out their work and in a way of speaking, streamlining certain parts of the process. Studies and drug development cost considerable amounts of money and time. Unfortunately there is not a limitless amount of cash available for research, and it is also understandable that when companies are spending vast resources on research, they want to see results. This is where biomarkers can play their part.

Biomarkers allow researchers to help prevent money and time being wasted on following up and developing drugs that will never make it to market for one reason or other. By allowing research teams to find this out as early as possible, time and money is saved as the company does not need to bother continuing to devote resources to that particular version. For small laboratories that are operating on very fine margins, this can be incredibly important.

There are many stages that need to be gone through before a potential new drug finds its way onto the shelves and then into the hands of patients. However, biomarkers are helping to speed up this process and reduce the costs, with the result that advances are now happening much faster than previously thought possible.

With the help of biomarker data, faster progress is being made in the field of medical research and with more biomarker research being done there are sure to be more advances just around the corner.

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  3. I think the reason is that nearly everyone has met medical practitioners with underdeveloped people skills. And who wants to be chastised like a little child ?

  4. Bertalan, nice side-by-side comparison. Have you considered adding into the collection of companies? I realize they work at the protein level (predictive biomarkers) rather than genomic level, the goal seems to be the same: predicting your future personal health and providing health guidance based on the predictions. Acutally, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on the reliability of genome-based vs proteome-based health predictions. Thanks.

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