Action Medical Research – Riley’s Story

Action Medical Research – Riley’s Story

Action Medical Research supports the development of a new seat design for severely disabled children as a five-year-old Riley, who appears in this film. Who can help this chair? This chair is specially designed to help very severely disabled children who suffer from uncontrollable spasms. This makes the standard seats extremely uncomfortable for them. It could help children with conditions such as dystonic cerebral palsy. Is this chair is currently available, either private or NHS? No, the design of the chair is still under development and this will take several years to complete. It is this work that is currently supported by funding from Action Medical Research. When will the car be available? Although the pilot project has been completed, it will take several years to refine the design. How much will it cost and will it be available on the NHS? These issues can be decided only when closer to production. We are some years away from that. What is Action Medical Research’s participation in this seating project? Action Medical Research funds medical research projects at hospitals and universities around the UK. We are currently funding of research teams working on this project. Charity does not fund individuals or sell or supply equipment. Be prepared – Riley’s story gives a real hope, but some might find it outrageous

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  2. An average Scientologist has never heard of anything regarding the Xenu story. You learn about that on OT-3 which the majority are no where near. Here’s a chart just to use a visual: Most people go up the right side of the chart (The “Bridge”) where as auditors/sea org members go up the left. The furthest I ever did was my TRs and Objectives rundown, and I skipped the Purification rundown since I had never taken any drugs/medications of any kind. Supposedly if you learn about the Xenu story before you’re spiritually stable enough you will get ass cancer and die or something.

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