What kind of “home-remedy” can I use to take the oil off of my face?

What kind of “home-remedy” can I use to take the oil off of my face?

Question by michielev: What kind of “home-remedy” can I use to take the oil off of my face?
I don’t want to go out and buy those oil sheets (i’ve used them before, i’m just looking for alternative ways to solve this problem). My forehead starts to look very oily towards the afternoon, and sports practice doesn’t help this (especially having my PE class first period). Is there anything I can try that I could put on during the school day to take off the oil?

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Answer by acujocat
40 grit sandpaper

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  1. I would just step into the bathroom and give my face a quick rinse. It feels so refreshing. If you don’t want to do that because you wear foundation, I would suggest not wearing foundation. That’s probably part of why you look shiny.

  2. If just home remedy without those commercialized astringents, you can you a normal bath soap. Wash your face every now and then if you feel like sweating or you feel you exposed to dirt. Another is, you can use wet tissues or whatever they call that but you have to check it first because some people are allergic with some additives on the fluids. Most of them are with alcohol but better consult some experts which is good for you.

  3. Oil is over-produced as a result of many factors. One factor is that you skin ‘thinks” it’s dry! Drinking plenty of filtered water, avoiding caffeine and soda (which dehydrate the skin) and using an excellent exfoliant work well. Also, keep clean facial tissues with you and blot your skin throughout the day–using a fresh tissue each time. Oily skin needs to be managed daily–it’s a part of who you are and probably not a condition you’ll overcome until menopause (unfortunately!). When you get older, you’ll probably find great benefits from oily skin, because you probably won’t have as many wrinkles as those with dry skin.

  4. well you can take tissue and blot your face with it or you can put a little bit of paper powder on a cloth or tissue and wipe it on your face

    it will soak up the oil. people even put baby powder in their hair to soak up the hair oil

  5. use lentil flour, it really works, just take a handful and mix it with water then put it on your face like a face mask and leave it on for about five min and then rinse thoroughly

  6. apply a mask of milk of magnesia once a week. 1/2 cup mashed strawberries1 tsp. lemon juice stir apply let dry rinse with cool water can substitute cucumber or tomato puree for strawberries. While taking a shower or bath apply a facial mask the steam helps your skin absorb ingredients from mask. Before bed put 6 dried apricots in water to soak, in morning puree the apricots in blender. apply to face leave on 5 min.remove with tepid water

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