What is the fastest “medicine” for a pimple?

What is the fastest “medicine” for a pimple?

Question by Becky : What is the fastest “medicine” for a pimple
HELP! I take it in 3 hours! Best answer:

Answer cathyak_2000
Put some peroxide on it. This will help it dry out. A bit of concealer will help cover it up while it is healing. Continue with peroxide until the pimple goes away. Enjoy your evening!

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  1. Regularly apply an ice pack to the affected area. It helps to reduce the swelling and redness and shrink the inflammation.

    Press and hold a wet tea bag or a cotton bud with a dab of lemon juice on the affected area to reduce redness and swelling.

    Slice a raw potatoe and rub it on the affected area. The vitamins reduce the redness and breaks down the bacteria causing the acne.

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  2. put a dab of tooth paste on it. sleep with it on and wash off in morn. dont use anything tooth paste with whitening in it though. it will rash up your face and make you look worse

  3. Wash your face with normal soap and water, and leave it alone! In such short time all you could gain is an infection if you try squeezing it. Or making it more noticeable by putting anything on it.

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