What do you consider the best medicinee or “home remedy” for the common cold/flu. NON- PRESCRIPTION?

What do you consider the best medicinee or “home remedy” for the common cold/flu. NON- PRESCRIPTION?

Question by murraygurl: What do you consider the best medicinee or “home remedy” for the common cold/flu. NON- PRESCRIPTION?
Over the country medicines. And maybe some of the “home remedies” to help get over a cold/flu. without prescrptions

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Answer by sambelina
motrin for fever..lying in bed..good movie..humidifier..and apple juice. (: nyquil works wonders at night

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  1. I’m a big fan of zinc personally, they sell a number of forms, but I find that zinc gluconate works best (I use cold-eze lozenges, but they work best if you start taking them at the very beginning of a cold).
    Also, there is some evidence to indicate that chicken soup helps too (believe it or not). It may actually inhibit the inflammatory response and serve as a decongestant.
    Bottom line is that they’re all symptomatic treatments, there is nothing for the common cold, prescription or not, that will cure it, you just have to wait it out.
    For the flu, if you catch it early, there are prescription meds that can shorten the duration, but you would need to see your doctor to get them.

  2. this is what I do:
    drink as much fluids as possible, include theraflu and sudafed/cold and flu meds OTC
    hot showers and baths to help loosen everything up and cough it out
    wear as many layers as i can stand at night, wrap myself in blankets, and sweat it out.

    after three days of tourment i’ll go to the doctor if my fever doesnt go down or i think i have a sinus infection, or any other thing that probably wont go away w/ OTC meds.

  3. Vicks Vapor rub, humidifier, lots of fluids, lots of rest, a strong decongestant (you know the good stuff that you have to ask the pharmacist for even though it is non-prescription), motrin or Tylenol for fever if you have one.

    Also, they make vapor plugs. You insert a cartridge and plug in. Works the same way the plug-in air fresheners do. Very helpful during the night when the vapor rub wears off.

  4. For a mild cold, when my kids showed the first signs of coming down sick, I made home made chicken soup. Really! There is something about the chicken broth that is healing, I swear by it. The kids would eat on that all day long, with plenty of bed rest and liquids. I also Rubbed Vicks Vapor Rub on their chest at night. After 24 hours of this, they were ready to go back to school. Only I kept them home an extra day for good measure. Now if you are running fever and have a terrible case of the flu, you will need to see a Dr. and get some antibiotics in your system. I hope you feel better soon.

  5. ALL the so called cold medications only treat the symptoms and do not shorten your cold duration, in fact, the lengthen the time you have a cold or flu.

    Many of the medications interrupt the body’s normal immune functions, like anti-inflammatories. The body’s natural immune response to infections is inflammation. This creates a site in the body where more blood flow is created. This brings more nutrients to the site and allows healing to be faster and more effective. The anti-inflammatories, make you feel better, but lengthen the time the body will have the problem and inhibits the healing process.

    If you really want to avoid getting a cold or the flu, you need to do the following at the very first sign of getting sick:

    Purchase Nucleotides from: http://www.healthline.cc ( not the .com web site with the same name). Take one of the capsules each 1/2 hour the same day you feel the cold coming on. The next day it will be gone.

    Now, you need to change your diet, so you won’t be getting sick any more. Avoid ALL FLU SHOTS! They are a joke and only line the drug companies, like Merck with $ 1 billion dollars per year for each type of vaccine they produce. What a joke on the American public. It’s really outrageous. The vaccines only suppress your immune system and give you only temporary immunity from one or a few strains of the virus. Doesn’t it make more sense to build your ENTIRE IMMUNE SYSTEM to defend against ALL FLU’S and COLDS!

    There are very well respected professional medical people that are dead set against giving flu vaccines and other vaccines in general because of all the problems and even deaths from these things. There is a HUGE controversy brewing that the general public is not being told.

    A very good book on this subject that explains the controversy in great detail and gives very credible information that is very well documented is called, “The Sanctity of Human Blood” by Timothy O’Shea.

    By the way, don’t run out and buy a bunch of ZINC for your cold either. Too much zinc will deplete your body of copper and they you will have some big issues to deal with in regard to your ADRENAL GLANDS!
    good luck to you

  6. what works for my family is old technech from greece. the old days people got well through natural things. well a humidifier works. but the main thing is baths with vicks in the water, ( more toward hot water) for about 15-20 min. rince with no soap and rub vicks on body when you get out, and put layers of clothes on, and lay ion bed under the covers. trick is to sweat the jerm out. keep doing it all day for 1 or 2 days. but stay in the house. if you change the temp. of the body, it will take longer to get better.

  7. Just tea, water, chicken soup and bedrest im afraid. Also drink some juice, I hear vitamin C helps. Whatever you do DONT try to sweat a fever out! That’s just stupid, as if your fever gets too high you could die! Also, dont take a hot bath then dump cold water on yourself. That could send you into shock, which could also kill you. Im going through the same thing you are, plus strep. It sucks, but im afraid you just have to deal. 🙁

  8. I highly recommend Tylenol-Flu however please be careful. I thought my allergies was acting up and that I had just a bad cold. One week later, I was struck with complete body pain and nausea. I could barely lift my head! This onset was very fast! I went to the Dr. only to be shocked with being positive for the flu. They gave me a steroid shot and tamiflu prescription. Today (one day later) I feel better than yesterday but by far not myself. Please proceed with caution. I wish I had went days earlier and got a head of this fight. Good luck!

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