Home Remedy Secrets: Ear Ache Remedy

Home Remedy Secrets: Ear Ache Remedy

Build your own herbal apothecary with Home Remedy Secrets: Building Your Herbal Medicine Chest. Learn 19 herbs and how you can use them. This video is part of a course that is free on LearningHerbs.com. It is herbal home remedies made simple.
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  1. my mom always puts some warm oil in my ear and a warm wet washcloth. It works sometimes, and right now my right ear feels like its under alot of pressure for some reason and it hurts like crap.

  2. my son went to the doctors twice and still had a real bad earache so i got 2 mature hops in a small amount of rubbing alcohol and put it in the microwave for a minute and after it cooled i administered four drops and pretty soon his earache was gone. do this at your own risk and hops kill dogs. hops are antimicrobial antibacterial and anti inflamitory. its almost like they were made for ear drops. beer used to go rotten in a few days before hops were used and completely changed the industry.

  3. I wonder if this would be safe to use on dogs? I have a golden retriever that LOVES to swim but every summer she gets an ear infection and going to the vet gets expensive! Is this safe to use on dogs do you know?

  4. you just have an ear ache/infection…it will go away in about a day…try putting hydrogen poroxide in your ear and laying down on your side, it should clense your ear. let it stay in there about an hour and anyways you’ll be good

  5. get a teaspoon, pour a little olive oil then over the stove warm the bottom of the spoon make sure the oil doesnt get too hot just for like 5 seconds till oil is warm then get someone to help you pour oil into your ear make sure your lying down it really works for any ear ache * note make sure the oil isnt hot just warm

  6. i’m having problems with my ears also. It feels like there is something in them, like trapped water or wax, I don’t know. The pain is slight to mild and comes and goes. I just hate the pressure and clogged feeling I’m having. I wet my hair daily but I try to not get water in my ears. I’m lost, can someone offer some advice??

  7. In our home we use garlic infused in olive oil (which is sweet oil!), along with a few drops of lavender essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, and Ti Tree essentail oil. I usually put one ounce olive oil along with 3 drops each of essential oils and one garlic clove in oil (before adding essential oils), warm this mixture and place a few drops in ears. I keep ours in a small jar (clean ppimento jar) in frdge when not in use. Cooked onions work wonders, too. Cooked onions are awesome medicine!

  8. sweet oil is good for an earache too all you have to do is warm a little in a spoon and then put it in your ear and stuff with a cotton ball afterwards or you can use the really old fashioned cure which is to warm a little of your urine and then put it in your ear i know it sounds disgusting but it really works my parents used the method on me when i was a little kid and all the stores were closed for the night.

  9. omg i have an ear infection and its 2 am lol similar to the previous comment …ouuuuuuuuuuchhh 🙁 but my kids r sleep and i cant drag them to the stoooooooooore

  10. I went to Paraguay in 2008 on the first trip. It was one of the best months of my life, and it forever changed me. As I read your blog, I'm filled with precious memories and Ache smiles that warm my heart. It is so wonderful to see that the relationship between the Ache and TU is just getting stronger! God is awesome! I'm praying for your team and that God will reveal Himself to you and those you encounter. Send love to the Fostervold and Gomez families along with all the Ache people! 🙂

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