Home Remedy for Sickness/Cough/Sore Throat/Detox/Energy Booster

Home Remedy for Sickness/Cough/Sore Throat/Detox/Energy Booster

This video deals with a remedy I make all the time including ginger, green onions, oil, salt, and (if you want) black pepper. It tastes the best with white rice! This is great for those who are sick/are feeling under the weather, have a sore throat or a bad cough and have alot of flem, a great preventive remedy, good detox, and also gives one alot of energy. You don’t have to be sick! ­čÖé I’m sorry the video is really choppy with editing but i basically stuffed down 30 minutes of cooking into 10 so yeah. Hit me up if you have any questions!! Subscribe, comment, and feedback would be greatly appreciated!! Songs in background: Opening- 100% by Lee Hyori Credits- Take You Home 2 My Mama- The-Dream I own no rights to those songs.

www.ananga.squarespace.com Ayurveda is a good thing for any mother to know, Ayurvedic home remedies are safe, simple and easy to prepare. My daughter has been helped by this natural sore throat remedy many times. Summary A quick and easy way to sooth sore throats with just two ingredients that you can buy at any grocery store. For more tips like this please visit Living by Design at: www.ananga.squarespace.com DISCLAIMER: this video is for information only – please see you doctor if you are worried about any symptoms. ABOUT TURMERIC: Turmeric is the ground and dried root of a plant called curcumin longa. If you have ever seen the ingredient “curcumin” listed on food packaging – that’s turmeric. It’s commonly used as the yellow colouring in many Asian foods and you can buy it in the spice section of most grocery stores. There’s more to turmeric than it’s colour though. It is anti-inflammatory (which is why it’s good for sore throats), antioxidant and currently being actively researched for it’s anti-cancer properties.

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  1. @redcrimson718 I would recommend against it. Those ingredients would interfere with the harmony of the dish. Sounds goofy I know, but there’s definitely an art to cooking ­čÖé

    Also, I´╗┐ would strongly recommend less salt and realize that while the vegetable oil makes it taste great and brings out the flavor, it’s also insanely high in calories and fat. Olive or Flax seed oils can be much better for your cholesterol levels. For baking, I like to use apple sauce as my oil substitute ­čÖé

  2. Yes, that is a very dangerous way to use the knife actually. It’s best to use a very sharp knife´╗┐ and to cut toward yourself using your thumb to control the stroke of the knife by applying gentle pressure until it nears your thumb. It’s important to note that you DO NOT PULL the knife, but to use your thumb for control. This works well for peeling small vegetables.

    ANYWAY, lol. I really enjoyed the video. I can’t wait to try the recipe. Gotta go shopping ­čśŤ

  3. dont love mcdonalds. id hate to see someone this knowledgeable about health to risk eating fast food. remember thats companys main intrest is to make money. not to provide healthy meals……also great remedy….i usually make a ginger tea with some local honey and that works to…way´╗┐ better than chemicals imo……anymore recipes?

  4. For the past 30 years, I have never used any cough remedies for my children & me. I make one at home using butter, turmeric powder & honey. & have never ever needed any thing´╗┐ else. In fact, once we started using this, the coughs & colds & throat infections almost stopped happening. We didn’t use it all the time, only when some one had the cough., & only 1.3 tsp 3-4 times a day for as long as the cough was there. Usually never needed it for more than 4-5 dsays.

  5. @jannikmt because the powder is not just some´╗┐ powder or talcum powder. It is turmeric powder, which has very strong anti-inflammatory properties & also has mild germicidal properties. Honey alone does not do a cure & healing, it only does temorary soothing & relief. Now don’t ask me the meanings of germicidal & anti-inflammatory, as then you will disclose to the world that you are only a stupid person pretending to be intelligent.

  6. Erm, a little suggestion, use plastic spoon instead of a steel spoon or whatever metal spoon, this is what suggested by the one who sell me the honey +_+
    They´╗┐ say, metal spoon destroys the organic in it

  7. One teaspoon of´╗┐ yashtimadhu and vacha are given four times a day with honey as the vehicle. Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) powder is also prescribed in doses of one teaspoonful of powder with hot water to be taken before retiring to bed. The latter remedy is generally prescribed in case there is constipation linked with the sore throat.
    You can view my site -eydiya dot webs dot com/ for more home remedy tips

  8. Turmeric is a miracle condiment, just google it.´╗┐ We should be adding it to our food as often as possible; honey is another good thing, lemon, garlic,ginger, etc. But TURMERIC, IS SOMETHING OUT OF THIS WORLD

  9. omg as soon as i saw this video i made this i’m taking right now´╗┐ as i comment and i must say it’s great and i luv that it’s natural. no dextrothromoraphan and no acetiomenophen

  10. @Toasterboy7 refresh -´╗┐ because it did it to me too. Always refresh if something is annoying you, sometimes it might even load slow (the red loading bar next to the play button) so refresh and it should go faster.

  11. Tumeric is rather bland. The honey will sweeten it. The lemon will help rid your´╗┐ body of this phlegm. Why not? Tumeric is also good for fighting “rusty brains”… iron excesses in the brain.

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