Listed Below Are Ten Foot Fungus Home Remedy Solutions

Listed Below Are Ten Foot Fungus Home Remedy Solutions

The sight of foot fungus can turn almost anyone’s stomach. There is hope contained in “Listed Below Are Ten Foot Fungus Home Remedy Solutions” There are also additional links to other sites that offer foot fungus home remedy solution options.

Drug Health Review - Listed Below Are Ten Foot Fungus Home Remedy Solutions
Drug Health Review – Listed Below Are Ten Foot Fungus Home Remedy Solutions

Foot Fungus Home Remedy

Foot Fungus is a fungal infection that many times multiplies in places that are warm and damp. This fungus known as, Tinea pedis, develops between your toes, on top of the feet, on fingernail or toenails and between your sweaty fingers. Large or small white patches, patches with scales, along with redness can all be indicative of the fungus. The signs of athlete’s foot can sometimes include itching, burning, stinging and inflammation.

Athletes foot fungus loves to live in public showers, locker rooms, indoor swimming pools as well as fitness clubs. Foot Fungus can be, and usually it extremely contagious. Coming in contact with shoes or socks containing the infection, damp floors, or fitness equipment (don’t forget it can easily exist in between fingers too) can spread foot fungus.

Methods for Preventing Foot Fungus

It is possible to actually stop foot fungus from even getting started by putting on flip-flops when in or near public areas such as pools, showers or any other area that is warm and moist. You should also make sure that your feet, along with inside and between the toes, are completely dry after you have been swimming or just bathing.

You ought to keep the toe nails the shortest length which is comfortable for you, because the infection can reside beneath toenails. Toenails which are left long may maintain dampness and provide a safe place for the fungus infection. You shouldn’t leave sweaty socks or shoes on any longer than you have to.

In case your feet tend to perspire significantly throughout the day, or if you’re particularly active, take a fresh set of organic cotton socks with you and change them partway through the day (cotton is more absorbent than synthetic materials and much better for your feet), and don’t wear the identical shoes the following day – give them time for them to totally dry and air out. If you can sleep barefoot along with your feet uncovered this will also keep them dried out and make them less attractive for the fungus infection.

Ten Natural Techniques for Foot Fungus Home Remedy

Even though prevention is often the best medicine, it is definitely not a fail-safe. Just in case you Do find yourself with itchy feet, here are several natural cures that can assist with Athlete’s Foot.

Ten Foot Fungus Home Remedy Solutions #1. Tea Tree Oil – Put 40 Drops of Organic Tea Tree Oil into a foot bath and bathe your feet for ten minutes. When you finish bathing and making sure to dry the feet, massage a few drops of oil directly on the area affected. Tea tree oil has germ killing and anti-fungal attributes that will assist to eliminate the infection in seriously infested areas and discourage it from moving to unaffected areas.

Ten Foot Fungus Home Remedy Solutions #2. Himalayan Crystal Salt – Bathe the feet in 2 tbsp of Himalayan Crystal salt and ½ cup Natural Apple Cider Vinegar liquid combined with some warm to hot water. This creates an extremely acidic environment in which the infection cannot live. You can even spray your feet or wipe them down using a cloth soaked in this solution once you shower, just make sure you will get them totally dry afterwards. You can even wipe down the insides of shoes and boots and sandals to help you avoid the fungus from clinging there.


Ten Foot Fungus Home Remedy Solutions
Ten Foot Fungus Home Remedy Solutions

Ten Foot Fungus Home Remedy Solutions #3. Garlic – Help to make your feet stinkier by putting slices of fresh garlic, or some crushed garlic, between your toes and leaving them there during the day. You can also add the garlic to foods you eat or take a garlic supplement with the exact same effect, it really might take a bit longer.

Ten Foot Fungus Home Remedy Solutions #4. Olive Oil – Using ozonated olive oil can also help with Foot Fungus. Utilize the paste to swab an individual’s clean, dry feet every day and night. This certainly will clean up the fungi within about two to four days and will be used as a preventative measure against future outbreaks. I suggest the extra virgin olive oil paste such as 02-ZAP.

Ten Foot Fungus Home Remedy Solutions #5. Organic Corn Starch – Sprinkle your toes using a little bit of organic corn starch or baking soda before wearing your socks each morning. The corn starch/baking soda will help soak up moisture, but it wont prevent the itchiness. Baking soda in the shoes likewise helps to soak up a few of that not very pleasant sweaty foot smell.

Ten Foot Fungus Home Remedy Solutions # 6. Oregano Leaves – Make a tea of 4 ounces of oregano leaves and merely enough water to cover your feet. Saturate your feet 2-3 times daily in this mixture. I have read you can re-use this tea for a week, but I strongly recommend making it fresh on a daily basis so that you know you’re starting out with fungus-free tea.

Ten Foot Fungus Home Remedy Solutions #7. Sesame Plus Raw Virgin Coconut Oil – Sesame and Raw virgin coconut oil have anti-fungal attributes and may be used straight to the feet. Swab it liberally on clean dry feet using a cotton ball twice daily.

Ten Foot Fungus Home Remedy Solutions #8. Colloidal Silver –  Colloidal Silver is an additional common treatment for athlete’s foot. Spray or apply to feet and allow it to completely dry. Additionally, you are able to spray and then leave the silver on the feet overnight.

Ten Foot Fungus Home Remedy Solutions #9. Neem Oil, Organic – Organic Neem oil, sometimes used as a pesticide, is another natural oil which has antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. Put on clean dry feet with a cotton ball prior to going about your business.

Ten Foot Fungus Home Remedy Solutions#10. Natural And If Possible Fresh Ginger – You can also use Natural Ginger, just an ounce of fresh chopped ginger put into a cup of boiling water and simmered for twenty minutes. Once cooled, use twice daily to wash feet. Ginger is a robust anti-fungal, as well as your feet will have a pleasantly spicy smell.

Make sure if after using the above foot fungus home remedy solutions you contact your personal physician if you continue to have symptoms or have an adverse reaction.

Foot Fungus Home Remedy


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