SHOUTAmerica and change:healthcare Partner to Address Consumer Side of Impending Healthcare Crisis

SHOUTAmerica and change:healthcare Partner to Address Consumer Side of Impending Healthcare Crisis

Nashville, Tenn. (PRWEB) October 2, 2008

SHOUTAmerica , a new non-profit organization that encourages youth to implement solutions to the impending healthcare crisis, has tapped change:healthcare , an emerging leader in healthcare consumerism, to provide its members with urgently needed healthcare transparency information.

“The rising cost of healthcare has made our current system unsustainable and without major reform, this nation faces a healthcare crisis,” said Landon Gibbs, Executive Director of SHOUTAmerica. “We believe this partnership will provide individuals critical resources for more informed healthcare decisions on the part of these future leaders.”

SHOUTAmerica ( aims to raise awareness and educate Americans about healthcare’s rising costs. By empowering young Americans – those who stand to shoulder the greatest burden of the impending crisis — the organization hopes to demystify the complexities of the crisis, resulting in a change in how people think about healthcare.

change:healthcare, inc. ( is focused on driving transparency throughout the healthcare industry. Their platform provides an online tool to track, share and compare healthcare costs and experiences.

“As they graduate, enter the workforce and begin raising families, young adults need to be aware of the real cost of healthcare and the burdens they’ll face as costs rise and quality remains relatively stagnant,” said Christopher Parks, change:healthcare CEO. “We feel that helping Americans better understand and become engaged with their healthcare is the beginning of the solution. Involving the next generation of leaders in this issue is our best hope for fixing this increasingly out-of-whack system.”

The group’s first event will be a three-day Healthcare Leadership Conference on the eve of the October 7th presidential debate in Nashville to promote awareness, education and dialogue about the issue.

The conference will unite 100 student government leaders from colleges and universities across the nation, representing one million students. After hearing speakers, including Parks, address various aspects of healthcare, delegates will subsequently return to their campuses to share with fellow students how they might get involved.

“Anytime you throw exuberance and fresh thinking against a problem, as SHOUTAmerica is doing with the healthcare issue, great things are bound to happen,” Parks said. “We’re excited about being a part of this search for creative, inventive solutions.”


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  1. Do you have access to the full text through your University? It might be interesting to see if they have a diagram of where they took measurements. In the abstract it says: “BAI estimates %adiposity directly”.

  2. The hidden giant in all of this is fear.

    The junior partner had fear of not pleasing the senior partner, the office staff had fear of not pleasing the junior partner.

    In any team environment, we need to have candor enough to call BS and push back. The push back should be back to the senior partner on “how soon would you read this if I got it to you by tomorrow?” The answer would probably have been it isn't necessary.

    The problem is an office worker questioning the junior partner might be met with the junior partner's fear of “I will loose control if they call me out on it”

    That is the fear which kills teams.

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