Q&A: What exactly is the “universal healthcare” plan?

Q&A: What exactly is the “universal healthcare” plan?

Question by : What exactly is the “universal healthcare” plan?
I don’t want a biased opinion. I want the whole truth. Thanks!

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Answer by Brusk Lee
You would have to read the document yourself, then have somebody with a legal degree or very familiar with the law explain what the wording meant. Then you would have to get the other two books that are referenced in the legislation to understand some of the definitions that are slipped in there. It was not meant to be a quick read at all. If you don’t feel up to this, like most Americans, you will have to listen to the break downs of the wording. Even though Fox is demonized and accused of lying, they do point out specific lines of the legislation during their analysis. Even congressmen were saying they weren’t going to read that much paperwork.

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  1. There is more than one bill making its way through Congress. Basically the proposals call for mandatory health insurance, health insurance exchanges where people and businesses can purchase health insurance, standards for coverage including not rejecting people for pre-existing conditions. The House bill HR 3200 also contains a public option that individuals and businesses would be able to choose as an alternative to buying coverage from private health insurance companies. There are also provisions for subsidies for people who can’t afford the premiums.

    The first link below summarizes some provisions of one of the major bills, the House Bill HR 3200. The second link is to a .pdf summary of the Senate Finance Committee bill, aka, Baucus bill.

  2. the gist, from what i’ve gathered, is that it will be the same idea as public schooling.

    there is a public option, but you have the choice to buy a private plan as well.

    you can send your kids to a publicly funded high school, but you can also opt to send them to a private school, which costs more…

  3. “Universal health care” as Obama views it, is a Federally controlled and funded health care plan. Several key Democrats are not in favor of this, see the link below. Most senators, Republican and Democrat are in favor of a universal health care plan, but one that is controlled by the states and would not require any funding from employers or small businesses. The plan would be a public option that someone could choose instead of privately held health insurance plans.
    Unfortunately, Obama wants the Federal government to have complete control of the plan that he is proposing and require all tax payers and businesses to help fund it. This is what many Democrat and Republican Representatives, Senators, and State Governors are opposed to. Too much Federal Government control is NOT a good thing no mater which party you support.

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