Now that a stake has been driven through the heart of healthcare “reform” how will Obama spin it?

Now that a stake has been driven through the heart of healthcare “reform” how will Obama spin it?

Question by Cactus Jack: Now that a stake has been driven through the heart of healthcare “reform” how will Obama spin it?
Geez, the Dems control the White House, Senate and House of Reps! Can’t they get anything passed? And the old “obstructionist Republicans” hue and cry will blow up in his face like a loaded cigar.

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Answer by chuck_junior
They’ll keep trying to ram it through as amendments to other bills. Same crap they tried with illegal immigration 3 different times…or was it 4? We started calling that one “Kill Bill Parts 1,2,3,4.”

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  1. He’ll probably spin the healtcare defeat into a message that its defeat is responsible for the continuing job losses.

    “If health care had passed, we’d all be working now and rich” Pfff

    If that doesn’t work, blame Bush.

  2. you must be so happy! i’m sure you’ll back off now, appreciate our democratic system, and realize that obama’s not a tyrannical communist

    interesting. you’re not changing your mind either.

    loose nuts, are you implying that obama is going to hike health care rates? i thought the whole point of killing the healthcare bill was to keep health insurance private

  3. Sadly, Reps and Dems are in the pocket of lobbyists and big healthcare. Millions are given to politicians; they are very hesitant to vote against their gravy train.

  4. You are seeing rate increases of up to 39% in some places for health care policies.
    I hope yours is locked in.

    You will see the increases and they will be blamed on the Republican obstruction of reform.
    This will cost Republicans seats in the midterm elections, but more importantly after people are totally angry about it the Democrats will introduce the bill again and pass whatever they want.
    They might even make it into an election issue for 2112.

    I hope the Republicans stick to their guns on this one.
    (Recession, loss of health care, Tea Party….)

    What happened in 2008 will look like consensual casual sex compared to the raping the Republicans are going to receive next time around.

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