Michele Bachmann and Lou Engle Pray To Stop Healthcare Reform

Michele Bachmann and Lou Engle Pray To Stop Healthcare Reform

Rep. Michele Bachmann and Lou Engle pray during FRC’s 2009 “Prayercast” to stop the passage of healthcare reform legislation.

Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: Adam has some good news for you tonight: you are not a pirate. In fact, because it is morally wrong to use the force of government to impede the free flow of ideas, you have the RIGHT to copy music, movies, text, software, inventions, and IDEAS! Speaking of ideas worth copying, Adam has best-selling author and President of Sojourners Jim Wallis in studio and Stephan Kinsella, intellectual property rights attorney, joins Adam from Houston Texas to tell you how to beat back the twisted logic of intellectual property. But that won’t stop the government from imposing a twisted morality of stifling innovation on you to make you feel bad for copying things that big corporations don’t want you to copy. Well tough! Because the internet is here to the rescue!
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50 Replies to “Michele Bachmann and Lou Engle Pray To Stop Healthcare Reform”

  1. Hypocritical-Kook MisHell Bachmann is to (EXTREME) Lunacy as Colossal-Joke Scarah Phalin is to (EXTREME) Stupidity!

    MisHell LIED to (her) God when she stated “she’d slice her wrists if Health-Care-Reform PASSED” …. too bad her LIE was only a figure of speech!

  2. @GrandInquisitor7 = Fred Phelps Zombie and self proclaimed “daughter of God” who refuses to believe that Michele Bachmann wants nothing to do with the assholes at the Westboro CULT. This stunned bitch believes Michele Bachmann will back the CULT after being elected. Please drink the koolaid, asshole.

  3. Jesus christ, how is this woman is a fucking potential presidential candidate! I think if she really has as much faith in her omniscient sugar daddy as she claims she should do us a favor and stop campaigning and just sit and pray for people to vote for her.

  4. @StratMatt777
    Weird. I get the feeling people just down-vote scripture without reading it.

    Hey, all? This is using Christian dogma to attack Bachmann – she is pretty bad fruit – which is what liberal Christianity needs to hear.

  5. @Kimber2011 Make a list, sort it from bad to worse, come up with reasonable secular objections, and next time she brings up Bachmann, explain why you don’t like her.

    Ignomoniousness is fine and all, but if you want change, analysis is how you do it.

  6. @bachmann4president Oh, so you’re one of those lunatic birthers. Those people who act like they care about the Constitution, when they are actually just racist Klan members. Thankfully, YOU are in the minority and not what represents America and definitely not is what is great about America. Go put ur aluminum foil hat back on.

  7. @Fordi
    Oh, hey. Quoting relevant scripture is in some way spam? I suppose that means there are a lot of self-conscious, phony Christians here. People who don’t actually know their scripture, and only obey the rules they want to. Arbitrarians. Hypocrites.

    No matter. You all might figure it out some day, and shed the blind obedience you have to the cynical priests and pastors that you let control you. Until then, try not to break too much; some of us have to fix your stupid.

  8. @navyk77 The end of America came when America elected the first un-American president in the form of Osama Bin…I mean Obama. Michele will put the white back into whitehouse.

  9. @ClutchPedalReturnSpr, watch the whole video. He argues that that is one of the two places in the Constitution where the founders got it wrong… the other being slavery. And he argues that using the force of government to establish monopolies over ideas, and inventions does the exact opposite of promoting the Progress of Science and useful Arts.

  10. Hi Adam Kokesh are you sure about your concept of Intellectual Properties? According to the Constitution for the United States of America Atricle I Section 8 clause 8:

    To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;

  11. @NoSoulProductions37 If you don’t want your wallet stolen, you don’t leave it laying in the street.

    I wholly support you in that your idea is your’s. That is not the question. IP is the idea that you can use the force of government against other people.
    If your work is valuable, there are voluntary ways to protect it. NDA’s and trade secrets are quite common.
    Try reading “Against Intellectual Property”
    at levine(.)sscnet(.)ucla(.)edu/general/intellectual/against(.)htm

  12. I disagree with what you said about not being able to own your ideas. I wish to be an inventor and all of my ideas i don’t want stolen by others that see it. i never would have thought that you for theft.

  13. johnycannuk: I’ve heard that “convinced” arg before and its subjective & not fair. It is unreasonable to ask everyone to believe as one, and “change” is not always for the better. A tougher pill to swallow is the atheist communists who, in their attempt at change, killed more ppl than all “religious wars” combined. Only real solution in a freely diverse world is to work towards the right of mind and conscience, not scornfully deny or eliminate. Controlism also breeds rebellion.

  14. Concerning religious comments; I disagree. Many wars fought for land & expansionism. Where religion involved, if not that reason, then would have been something else; people will use whatever reason they can. If 2 ppl w diff cars fight on a highway, is it because of auto loyalty ? About Hitler, read only that he was into ancestral mysticism & rejected Christianity.

  15. As genuine this guy is, and as much good I’m sure he does and will do..I have to disagree with this entire premise. Religion is what causes all the problems of war. Religion is what causes most wars.
    Now I know theres the cold war, and vietnam..but really besides those..*most* wars were religiously founded or inspired.
    Even hitler did what he did for religious reasons, and yes I can prove that if called upon to do so.

  16. America is like the globalists enron. The cheap fuel will be exploited to gain more ground for war. The more oil they are in control of the more they can mantain their pace to go for bigger targets on the big oil countries. Why act dumb and think they will set up some sort of a free democracy as advertised

  17. Situational question: I am a digital artist, using Photoshop to create digital paintings and illustrations. I do not want people, businesses, or other entities using a drawing or painting I create in any way without my permission. I especially do not want someone else making a profit off the fruits of my labor and innovation by simply cut-pasting my work into their own frame. How can my work be protected within the freemarket paradigm suggested in this video?

  18. @johnycannuk I disagree, when one has true faith, one is also open to listening to other ideas presented by others. I think that what you are saying is what Jim Wallis is arguing against, I think he is implying that in order to have true faith one must be able to question his beliefs, thus enabling him to be open to new ideas and change.

    thought this quote illustrates the idea of faith: ‘Doubt is conquered by faith, just as it is faith which had brought doubt into the world’ – Kierkegaard

  19. RE: 6:08, Sorry Jim Wallis, but that statement is 100% true and the New Atheists – of which I am proudly a member – are correct. Merely reading history is enough to show that.

    When you are convinced you have the ear and know the mind of a supernatural creator, that means, but definition, that those who do not agree are wrong, and that doing anything to them is right.

    Sorry, its a tough pill to swallow. Until you do, you will not affect change.

  20. Open source everything will free mankind from every bond. Once the creativity of ~6.7 BILLION people is unleashed, the earth will utterly transform.

    In all seriousness, once ego and profits are taken out of ideas, people will begin to work together for the common good instead of trying to limit knowledge in order to line their own pockets.

  21. Question Adam. Where does someone falsely claiming a work is theirs come into this? Are they correct to do that? Should the government then step in? Is this libel? Please expand on that

  22. I’m still skeptical about completely abolishing intellectual property rights, even though I don’t see anything wrong with copying music. I worry that people will pass off other people’s ideas as their own. However, I believe that the internet needs to be free from government control. Great show as usual; this is an interesting issue.

  23. I have to disagree with Adam about intellectual property rights. What happens in the case that a company spends millions of dollars and countless hours designing a product that can be easily produced? A competitor can take the final design and reap the benefits with little effort. For example, new medicines take a long time to be discovered, but can be reproduced with much less effort. So, if someone takes the idea and has better marketing skills, the real designer has no money for new projects

  24. I’m not entirely sold on the anti-IP arguments. I mean all this talk of the world before modern IP just ignores the realities of that time, there was no internet to download plays or or songs, you had to pay to see a play and usually roving bards and minstrels lived a shoestring life. Most works of art and scientific discoveries were funded by wealthy landholders or governments. Many industrial inventions were guarded as trade secrets by their inventors and users.

  25. Love your show, Adam. When I was a kid we used to get books from the library (the authors of the books, for some reason, weren’t upset). We used to record songs on cassette off of the radio (nobody cared). We used to videotape TV shows or copy rental movies onto a blank VHS tape (nobody cared). The world didn’t end. Music and movies didn’t come to a grinding halt. Just the opposite. Now we have 300 channes instead of 3, 8 gajillion bands playing music and an infinite number of movies. F*** IP.

  26. @cplot

    This is a really interesting debate! I see a lack of enforcement of IP as a potential limiting factor in inspiring individuals to invent, especially artists/musicians/photographers but I also see strict enforcement of IP leading us to censorship, and like Adam proposes…also being a limiting factor in inspiring individuals to invent. I am glad to see people discussing this, it could lead to some radical changes…

  27. @AdamKokesh those medieval churches were essentially governments. They had and wielded taxation powers to compel rents. I’m not saying there alternative approaches cannot work. However, a lack of intellectual property might lead to a reduction in intellectual production. Reducing potential rewards to intellectual production has an adverse environmental impact too since intellectual production is much less a burden on the environment than other production. That would be my biggest concern.

  28. @cplot And just because monarchies had seized so much capital as to dominate the creative market, so now do government and major corporations, doesn’t make it right. Yet even in that time, individuals were patrons of the arts and individuals pooled their resources voluntarily by supporting churches who funded more art than the government did, if not more “intellectual products” than gov’t altogether.

  29. @cplot In the age of the internet, the people have a very easy mechanism by which to pool capital to fuel innovation. In effect, that’s what you’re doing by tuning into this show and adding to the view count. 😉

  30. @Shezmu – After all, humanity missed out on having the steam engine several hundred years before it did solely because there was no individual(s) to connect the two necessary parts together. Without Einstein to turn Newtonian physics on it’s head, we’d be out a century’s worth of physics. And I’m not even getting into creative media. Again, just because an individual doesn’t a lot of new things to the table does not mean what they do bring to the table isn’t worth much.

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