How much of health care “crisis” is caused by Americans who are overweight and do nothing to care?

How much of health care “crisis” is caused by Americans who are overweight and do nothing to care?

Questions from Slick 😕 How much of health care “crisis” is caused by Americans who are overweight, and does nothing to address
by itself? Why should I care if a fat person who chose to live their lives in an unhealthy way, suddenly dies of heart failure? How about a little preventive care instead of turning the system upside down and making the healthy pay for unhealthy? Best answer:

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  1. Stick around, the Democrats are going to legislate Gumption next.

    Edit to Anthony: You my friend are the perfect example of whats wrong with this country…Youre assuming that you know for a fact that others actually HAVE a few more dollars to pay out of their taxes. In fact, even posting the comment itself is proof that youre oblivious to the problem you represent. Utterly amazing.

  2. A good portion of it. That’s why we spend more money per person on care. The vast majority of our population is unhealthy!

    The problem with encouraging healthy lifestyles is it is not enforceable in a free society. You can’t force people to exercise or eat healthy and still call ourselves free.

  3. My mother is nowhere near fat and she doesn’t have coverage. You damn conservatives are just greedy about health care. Pay a couple higher taxes here and there. It’ll help your fellow Americans.

  4. Obesity is genetically related and is often refered to as a disability.

    It would further be a private medical condition under basic tenets of medicine, which are no longer being upheld by the government shift.


  5. FYI–having health insurance means preventative care. No health insurance means SSI for diabetes later in life. Thus if this is your line of thinking you should be happy there is an expanded option.

  6. Really! I mean look at how many of those lazy, shiftless welfare recipients are morbidly obese! I guess standing in line for free handouts really whips up an appetite!

  7. lol such selfish prejudiced…most the people that need health care are under weight or starving …if they cant afford health care what makes you think they can afford alot of food? And with everyone losing jobs they lose health care too…So shut your mouth and turn off Fox news

  8. I think about that every time I go into Walmart and see the morbidly obese people in those skooters shopping. Now I am a very small individual with a hip problem, who never has a chance to use a skooter because all the fat people are driving them around! I think that if these people continuosly ignore doctor recommendations, then they deserve to be miserable. That ‘s where the preventative care you’re talking about comes in. They don’t listen to their doctors. I don’t care how big they get because the consequences will catch up to them eventually!

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