How do you say “healthcare” in spanish?

How do you say “healthcare” in spanish?

Question by veggie627: How do you say “healthcare” in spanish?
I’d like to know how to say “healthcare” in spanish. I’ve seen many translations, but I’m not sure which to use. Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Vincent V
La atención de la salud

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  1. Ana,

    I agree with everything you said, except this:
    People from Spain are not “Spanish”, they are Spaniords. The term “Spanish” has been incorrectly attributed exclusively to the people of Spain because it is the originating Spanish capitol. In reality, [being] “Spanish” refers to Spanish-speaking person or characteristics belonging to Spanish.

    Thank you for your post! 😉

  2. Kay,
    We can accept Spanish language posts on Nami Marin Blog right now.
    The automated editor in Spanish is available free from
    Technology to translate automatically the entire blog from English to Spanish is improving rapidamente.
    One thing: we need somebody fluent in Spanish to help us do it right.
    If it's not right, it comes across muy estupido.

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