Healthcare becomes universal then what happens to people like me that work in healthcare?

Healthcare becomes universal then what happens to people like me that work in healthcare?

Question by phound: Healthcare becomes universal then what happens to people like me that work in healthcare?
If healthcare gets revamped will I get CUT IN PAY? I am a X-ray tech. When everybody can afford healthcare, will I loose money?
I am confused if revamping healthcare is bad or good for me. I am for everybody getting great healthcare, but not for a pay cut that I worked hard for!

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Answer by rustoria617
Not to worry! With universal health care, you’ll be in more demand than ever. You may see less take home pay as your taxes will go way up to pay for it. Check out the income tax rate in Canada.

Oh, probably not as your pay will go up to. Might break even that way.

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  1. First, I doubt that healthcare will become universal.
    Second, I see no reason why you as a X-ray technician should lose pay…ompare it to salaries in France & other places where they have universal health care.

  2. Why would your pay be cut as long as xrays are still performed as long as someone pays for the xrays? Why do you think having people who cannot afford healthcare increases your present pay? I realize my answer is just more questions, but this is the only way I know to answer your question.

  3. Let’s just hope this never happens. People work hard to be able to get health insurance, and now the hard-working will not only support ourselves, but the uninsured as well. There are already government programs suited for those with low-incomes or those who simply cannot afford insurance. I mean, my sister is a WAITRESS and has health insurance. It really isn’t that hard to get.
    A pay cut is what you are worried about? If universal healthcare becomes the norm, then that won’t be the only thing to worry about!!!!!!

  4. Nah! There is no logic in universal healthcare leading to a pay cut for a xray technician.

    Unless you mean universal healthcare —> medical benefits for patients —-> lower salaries for medical workers. If so, no worries, increased medical benefits will just mean a switch to increase goverment tax. Your tax money will make a roundabout back to you. Its all economics.

  5. Evidently the more you’re needed the more you will get work. A lot of people make sacrifices to enable a fairer health system policy. There is no doubt that money gets wrongly used sometimes and people who are uninsured are paid for through tax, but that is the nature of a publicly funded system.
    Better that than the massive amounts of people who don’t visit the doctor/hospital because they can’t afford to. Something evidenced by the questions in this section.

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