Health Care Reform Thought Bubble

Health Care Reform Thought Bubble

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  1. I think health care is great, i live in Canada, and i don’t have to wait six hours if im having a sever allergic reation because i don’t have the money to get treated right away. i think that people who think tat a person with down syndrom should fend for themselves are wrong because no one chooses to have that happen, the same as no one chooses to fall asleep at the whell, there called accidents for a reason. Go health care! Make everyone Equal for once

  2. (cont) I am not saying we should give “free everything” to people who smoke themselves into an iron lung or drink themselves into needing another liver…those are choices people make that they expect other people to be responsible for. No freaking way. But people who are born with downs syndrome so severe that they can not take care of themselves, or CP…we should do what we can to make life easier on them, if they can not do things for themselves or need an extreme amount of help.

  3. kbot: I am not disagreeing with you, but your friend can do for himself and the people who have severe CP can’t. Your friend was victimized by another person who was irresponsible (And I agree that is really as messed up as you can get), people with CP are victims of circumstance. They were just born with an affliction that they had no responsibility for. Many do as much as they can, but they still need other people’s help in many cases. We should pony up and help them where possible.

  4. @WeedaPeople no he didnt choose to get parylized. but the person who fell asleep at the wheel got off without a scratch. its just another example of how irresponsible people fuck responsible people over every day. responsibility evaders should be shot in the back of the head and the next of kin BILLED the cost of the bullet. usually .50c or less. but he gets around pretty good and does as much for himself as he can. infact i would say he is MORE capable then the average 81 year old.

  5. DUDE. Frigging GREAT Video. I’m doing a argumentative paper in favor of a single payer healthcare system, and this just literally organized my thoughts. Thank you, and much love thought bubble man.

  6. kbot: I did not paralyze anyone. Do not expect me to take responsibility for your friends Dad…but since you brought it up…do you not think his Dad needs help that we all should provide? If his family is not up to the challenge…don’t you think people like him deserve to be helped by society? He did not choose to get paralyzed…right?

  7. kbot: Really? You really do not know what Cerebral Palsey is?
    You owe it to yourself to do some research on the subject. I hope you get to meet someone with CP and spend some time with them. I met someone with it in college and it was an eye opening experience to go places with someone like him and see what he has to live with every day.

  8. @WeedaPeople my freinds dad was paralyzed from the neck down by someone like you. who fell asleep at the wheel thinking it was someone elses responsibility to keep them awake. he had just retired one month earlier. way to go dip shit.

  9. kbot; You have obviously never been around someone born with severe cerebral palsey. They can not even wipe their own ass, exit a bed, or get up off the floor without someone’s help. No matter what you say or do, they ARE dependent on others…and always will be. You can not change that with words….especially those that come from 100% total ignorance.

  10. kbot: No…I do not wish that on myself at all…I wish it on you so you can learn what these people have to deal with…because you haven’t got the first clue.
    The ignorant (YOU) need to learn first hand…or they never will learn anything….and will remain ignorant. When you have to live in a wheelchair, only then will you know and might possibly understand.

  11. @WeedaPeople when you help people who as you say “can not help themselves” you are making them dependant. but when you dont help them they are FORCED to help themselves. and then and only then can god help them. i dont know how many 40-50 year old dependant personality types i have seen over the years but it has got to be at least 1000. and none of them were handicapped. they just didnt know how to do a damn thing for themselves. its disgusting. and you are enabling them STOP ENABLING THEM!!!

  12. @WeedaPeople what you wish on others you secretly wish on yourself. which is why i wish PERSONAL responsibility on people and not govt dependance. people born with disabilities are better off without govt aid.and you know that and it pisses you off.

  13. kbot: I am going to assume you are asking, “why help people who can not help themselves and were born with disabilities, not of their own choosing”.
    If you have to ask, then there is really no hope for you. I can only hope you are personally adversely impacted by one of these diseases and have to rely on others. Only then will you understand their lives and know why they need our help.
    Normally I would not wish that on anyone, but someone like you needs to know what it is like.

  14. kbot: It is not survival of the fittest. We should help those who really can not help themselves. Like people with Cerebral Palsey, downs syndrome,and other real disabling issues that they did not choose.

  15. @jmzer7 Lets not get history twisted here. See, Republicans fought more for civil rights than Democrats. Check history. As a matter of fact, Republicans did more for Blacks than any Democrat.

    Just because the Democrats have been infiltrated by the New Left, which is anti American at its core, does not mean that they are helpful. The New Left is not helpful. They are anti God, anti religious, anti border, anti capitalism, anti male, and anti military.

  16. Probiotic additions and fermented food like yogurt and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, replace lost or reduced health-producing bacteria populations , for example lactobacillus and E. 2001 Feb,36 :163-8.

  17. You’re right. I jumped to conclusions. I see people jump to conclusions all the time about any report given by Fox, so I thought I’d test the waters. I guess I was being a bit of a troll, but I think r/politics could use a bit of a sanity check sometimes.

  18. […] Fiona Stewart seems to suggest that any reform (i.e. the French government pension reform) is a good one and that anyone who opposes such reform (i.e. the French labour movement) is opposed to any reform whatsoever. The French unions are not opposed to reform as such. They are perfectly aware of “the scale of the challenge of paying for our pensions”. They just happen not to agree with the direction taken by the government. […]

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