Congressman Ron Paul on Healthcare

Congressman Ron Paul on Healthcare

Having practiced medicine for over 30 years, Congressman Paul gives his perspective on the past and future of medicine in this country, and the effects of government and special interests on quality, costs and access.

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  1. @PaperComedy The one thing they don’t like to tell you about, is we have something like 20,000 contractors (mercenaries) still in Iraq. I still like Obama alright, but he can’t stand toe to toe with Dr. Paul here.

  2. @PaperComedy Hey douchebag, do some real research and stop believing everything you read. There are still brigades there, just under different names. And the link you sent me in a private message was dead, learn how to use the Internet, retard.

  3. @ColdAsHe11 @ColdAsHe11 Really? Because it looks like he pulled out all the combat brigades out of Iraq more than a year ago. Watch the news you fucking idiot.

  4. What happens if a stupid guy ‘decides’ to spend all his money and leaves none to spend on healthcare and falls seriously ill, should we leave him to die?
    Hmm you mean what does he do right?, no way we leave him to die 🙂

    Society can give this guy credit and he can pay back later for his stupidity or he can sell his car 🙂 and golf clubs etc.

    It’s stupid to pay taxes and not have a choice in healthcare, spend half of what you save on the taxes Ron will save you to buy a healthcare plan simple

  5. @igoodnessi311 Do you think Obama said we’d get out of Iraq overnight. No. He said we’d get out by the end of 2011, and that’s what’s happening. Get yo facts straight!

  6. @erik4727 He also thinks education is only for the elite, what a piece of shit! He wants to turn everyone into a busy worker bee. It’s funny when anyone tries to defend this monumental jackass when he’s more of the same! It’s even funnier when people care about anything other than his push to legalize drugs. What a fucking whackjob.
    Vote Kucinich 2012

    Vote Kucinich 2012

  8. @thephysicslab right the un says that an the un is bias towards them. Us medicine is not the greatest right now and that is thanks to medicare and medicaid which are bankrupt and have no competition.And thanks to obamacare costs are going up many companies are raising childrens coverage or droping them not to mention the unconstitutional mandate and fee for health care which violates the 10th

  9. @igoodnessi311 Totally right; I voted for Obama, but I have been thoroughly unimpressed.  While most of my life, I have sided Democratic, I would not hesitate to vote for Ron Paul.

  10. I really hope hes right about this. Many doctors actually agree with Dr. Paul, but if Obamacare is abolished, people can only rely on insurance companies for coverage, and thats…..not good. If he were to actively encourage charitable treatment, then its ok. But there arent many options now…

  11. It really is a shame that such a great man for peace and sanity is still brain washed by his orthodox libertarianism. France, Norway, even scapegoat Cuba have delivered much better health care than the wealtyist country(empire)in the world: my USA. They are tax based systems and even the best in the world, France’s health care system is about half the cost of USA to deliver. They are not only the best in delivering health care to all but they have technology on par with USA

  12. I disagree with some of his conclusions.
    Strangely enough I still trust him far more than 95% of the others.
    Last time I voted Nader [still might] – this time I might vote Paul.
    Why can’t the choice be between two good guys for once?

  13. @wmarcus1203 Agree. Just look at Ron Paul’s campaign manager who died because he had $400,000 dollars in medical debt and no health insurance. He should have done a better job going around to churches and other charities for help and maybe he’d be alive today. What self-respecting charity would not help this guy pay his bills.

  14. @thephysicslab If you had a free market system do you think hospitals would refuse care to people? That individuals wouldn’t be charitable? You must have a government to force charity (If that isn’t an oxymoron)?

  15. @god0fgod I’m not comparing it to the US system. Ron Paul states that social medicine does not work. I was pointing out that social medicine is working well in other countries. My belief if that we all need social medicine, but it needs to be run well. Our system in Canada is exploited by everyone, doctors, unions, staff, and patients, we are all to blame for it’s gross inefficiency. What we need is a system that is run like a for profit system, but is non profit. :^) I know, not possible…

  16. @thephysicslab You are comparing it to the US corporatist system. Ron Paul wants to destroy the corporatist healthcare system in the USA which is run by corrupt political entities and cartels.

  17. How is their economy? Are you sure there isnt a “healthcare bubble” that could explode and pop at any time? Problem with social systems is that they run out of money. So they tax more, taking away more money then they need more money and so on and so fourth. The government doesnt tax the rich now, nor will they ever. Who they tax is those who earn 200,000 a year rather then those who take in millions and or billions.

  18. Man this health care debate can frustrate at times. On one hand you have excellent points made by Dr. Paul that free markets can deliver better care because of competition but then you have others saying universal health care can be constitutional and should be used since it says “provide for the general welfare of the United States” in the Constitution but we don’t have the money for universal health care. Both seem like good points.

  19. I have no problem using out-of pocket funds for Rx visits, it will only make for better doctoring. Good medical care is only as good as the provider administoring it.

  20. @blackryder65 he is right, his philosophical principled position and beliefs on government have been proven right throughout history. Freedom works! God Bless The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence!

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