Cancer is NOT included in the 9 / 11 Healthcare Fund

Cancer is NOT included in the 9 / 11 Healthcare Fund

July 27, 2011 CNN
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Researchers at RIKEN and Tokai Rubber’s common laboratory RTC (RIKEN-TRI Collaboration Center for Human-Interactive Robot Research) has not been served their thumbs since the unveiling of the nursing assistant robot RIBA (Robotic Interactive body Assistance, which itself was an upgrade of RIKEN’s RI-MAN). They have announced a new version of the robot, which is even better to pick up and carry bedridden patients up to 80 kg (176 lbs), which is 19 kg (41 lbs) more than the first RIBA cope.

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  1. Fucking repigs. They used 911 as an excuse for everything for years but they love to shit on ordinary men, women and children.

    Yet they love foetuses. Odd, isn’t it?

  2. @TheBlayzinAsian420 so now you admit that the founding fathers gave you rights, why did god disappear?

    I dont say you have to listen to me, I say you have to think for yourself, and be skeptical to stuff people tell you. including me, and the founding fathers for that matter. Question Everything.

  3. @SIC66SIC66 You may not believe that God gave us rights here in the US, but ill tell you who did, our founding fathers, and theyre much more credible then you bro. Who do you suppose I should listen to, them? Or just another nobody on YouTube who thinks he has all the answers. Come on now man, your being very arrogant with your words, and I’m sure your better then that.

  4. You fuckin atheists really crack me up lol….as soon as someone mentions anything about God or religion your real quick to hop all over that shit. Neither God nor religion had anything to do with that I was talking about…..

  5. @SIC66SIC66 You are an idiot dude, whether or not u believe in God is irrelevant to this discussion. It doesn’t take away from the fact that theyre God given rights, not government given rights.

  6. @TheBlayzinAsian420 :/ IF so, which god? And if its YOUR god, what I assume, did he give all the unbelievers rights too.. And why do not all people have the same rights if they come from 1 god?
    I dont care how you call it, but there was no god involved anywhere.

    Shame on you for being so diluted. Go do your research and come back to me.

    This god argument is extremely illogical…

  7. @SIC66SIC66 Rights arent given to you by the Government, theyre given to you by God. Hence to phraise “God given rights.” Who the fuck is the government to take that away from us?!?!? Shame on you for thinking the way you do.

  8. Continued:
    Enforced and forced are not the same. Enforced from the power of the law is one thing, forced by the power of the people over another people is something different, especially when it contradicts the laws already made.

    The U.S. is built from Natural Law, look it up.

    The way it would be illegal for me to reach in your pocket and take from you what isn’t mine, allowing government to do it makes no difference, hence, it’s immoral, even by your own standards.

  9. @SIC66SIC66
    We’re talking about the U.S., not Iran. Iran has a completely different system… and…they don’t kill them for simply being gay, that’s a distortion through media ( when they were trying to get the people behind the U.S. to goto war with them )

    God has nothing to do with it because you don’t believe in him therefor he didn’t give it? lol

    Someone can give me something and I don’t have to believe in it either, but it was given by them, no?

    ( continued next post )

  10. @Iammram Yes morality is relative. If not, why do they kill gays in Iran, there are many other examples… Its a matter of culture and history what people accept as right and wrong.
    And god has nothing to do with this. God did not give us any rights or morality. Cause if he did I would not have them as I dont believe there is a god?

    Rights are all man made. Every right that you have is enforced, I dont see why you cant just have one more?

  11. @proticalsonn Dont is the same with the vietnam vets
    they dont care about u.. once they have used u..

    Remember how Guiliani was whoring the 9/11 first responders for his relection
    and calling them patriots.. after some years is the big long middle finger
    screw u.. from the government

  12. @0hs0Zen0 Havent you watch George Carlin on Abortion
    he tells it like it is.. in a nutshell..
    Preborn they care about you, born fuck u.
    until you reach military age, then your fit for the never ending US wars.
    and when u come back as a veteran then your back to being fuck u..

  13. @SIC66SIC66
    It matters because if you believe you are given “rights” by your “creator” then the religious perspective comes into view and then rights become “Subjective”

    If you don’t and believe in State over God, then it’s relative.

    “Morality is relative”

    Is it really? lol

    Then you and I are from complete opposites on what rights are, and that’s the problem.

    To you, you see no problem in forcing someone to help another, I see that as immoral as you are stealing and/or enslaving.

  14. @Iammram what are you talking about?
    what does it matter if I believe or not? And in what?

    Communism?? what the fuck are you talking about man….. I am talking about who makes your rights, its th government. They can also change them, if you like it or not. There are rules and rights for everyone.

    Rights are not fixed, period.

    And morality is relative, but that on the side

  15. Continued:
    I notice you are from the Netherlands? If that is true, along with other European countries, you can’t compare those countries with the U.S.

    Every country in Europe, or at least most, has a cultural position. The U.S changes every season and one group of people in 1 neighborhood is different from the next.

    Point being, the U.S. is a melting pot of complexed and different viewpoints and backgrounds, the more complexed the society, the less govt. you use.

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