Why do Republicans think the government is a “Leech” but that the private health insurance “creates wealth”?

Why do Republicans think the government is a “Leech” but that the private health insurance “creates wealth”?

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Issues of long-haired freaky person 😕 Why do Republicans think the government is a “Leech” but that the private health insurance “creates wealth”
The government is a monopoly run by people we elect. They use our tax dollars to provide services that no company kunne.Men private health insurance racket is an oligopoly run by people who are accountable to their shareholders alone. They gouge us to give something that is not even necessary in other lande.Men Republicans believe that government is a “parasite” and insurance companies are “wealth generators”? What gives? No pins, like roads, national defense, mvCharles, the government is accountable in elections. This is a democracy, remember. Best answer:

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  1. I have never heard a Republican say that private health insurance creates wealth….

    They simply administer services better than the government, by law they cannot ration health care…… but the government can.

  2. So then why did the left force us all to buy the insurance company’s product?? Your question really does an excellent job of highlighting socialist, liberal hypocrisy. You blame republicans for what democrats do.

    As I recall the individual mandate was objected to by almost 100% of republicans across the board.

  3. I heard an ad the other day claiming that we need to repeal Obamacare because we want patients and doctors to decide people’s healthcare, not government bureaucrats. I had to laugh, thinking these people obviously never had private insurance where their healthcare is decided by an insurance company accountant.

  4. There is a HUGE misunderstanding that the private sector can outdo the public sector on anything. The private sector is not only dependent on profit; but a profit RANGE. That is; even if a business is profitable it will suffer if others are more profitable. The reason? INVESTMENT.

  5. maybe its because insurance companies are legally obligated to account for expenditures and the government can tax for health care and spend the money on any project they want without being accountable to the taxpayer.
    see the original social security law and the lock box clause in its inception.
    compare that to the expenditures of social security proceeds in financing civil rights and the veit nam war.

  6. Americans tend to be gullible. What the republicans tell them, they believe. Look around you, even on this page it’s evident. Anyway, they now have control of the House, so let them fulfill their promises, and let the truth slowly be revealed.

    – btw, your question is the question of many around the country ( what gives?)

  7. “They spend our tax dollars to provide services that no business could.”- I think you meant to say “would”, not “could”.

    You have no clue here. It is because of government (ObamaCare), that my health insurance premiums are going up 40% in 2011. Co-pay is increasing 25% and I have to pay for more services that were no cost to me. This is just the start because it doesn’t really kick in until 2014.

    The government does not know how to better spend my money, they always waste more money than is needed. Insurance companies, while having accountability to share holders (so they aren’t wasteful like the government), also are in a free market, and thus survive by bringing value to the customer. Even with burdens from government, our health system has developed into the best in the world. Is there room for improvement, of course.

  8. This gerfuffle makes me wonder how long it’s going to be before the media guys figure out that somebody who spent pretty much his whole life getting rich in the private sector is waaayyy smarter than Obama and his whole cabinet. And the media guys. All put together.

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