Use the Internet to find better Health Insurance

Use the Internet to find better Health Insurance

www.lockergnome . com – Provides a stable concert in the 9-to-5 work world can be scary for most Americans because of one thing: health insurance. It is expensive in this country, and it gets more expensive all the time. Without the safety net of regular doctor visits to ensure that you stay healthy, being independent may mean you are accidental matter for lack of health insurance that your employer once provided – but it need not be this way! Here we will examine some of the possibilities of self-employed when it comes to health insurance. You can view the entire live TLDR episode here:

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  1. @100sons The economy in the US is bad in the moment, but I wouldn’t say its failing. The bad economy is part of the economic cycle. Its rapidly improving and within three years it will be back to where it was. And other capitalist countries are in very good condition. Canada is the best example of this. The people are happy and the economy continued to grow, even while the recession was happening. ´╗┐

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  3. If our doctors agreed to get paid less and insurance companies weren’t that greedy,I think we´╗┐ wouldn’t have uninsured people.American system isn’t too bad but it’s too expansive and government controlled insurance probably wouldn’t solve that problem.

  4. @vistarox But what country is failing completely because of capitalism and who’s´╗┐ bringing with him the world? USA. (I’m not sure that the sentence is ok ^^)

  5. @vistarox and what is the fu**ing problem ? Socialism´╗┐ is not communism from staline… it is just the good way to manage money, riches give to the poorest people.

  6. @marcybryck ok, just sayin’ that the health system is not managed well in United States, it is like a multinational, they need to´╗┐ do lot of profit, not in france.

  7. Here here. I’m in the UK, had to spend over a week in hospital back in 2009 and a week last November – I dread to think how much it would’ve set me back in a country like the US.´╗┐ The NHS isn’t perfect, there could be some improvements here and there – but I’m glad we have it.

  8. @otamanlvhs the taxes are high when you’re rich, it is normal, and actually very close to yours for middle class like me. But you just have´╗┐ to watch sicko from michael moore (if you haven’t) to understand all the differences between health insurance companies who do everything to make more money on the back of people, and social security in france who’s managed by our government. /Sorry for my bad english ^^/

  9. @100sons It’s not free,it’s paid by your higher taxes.Most people in America who have decent jobs have health insurance paid by their employer.Americans who are´╗┐ poor get covered by special program called Medicaid.Some people aren’t lucky and don’t have employer who provide health insurance,so they have to buy it on their own which isn’t cheap.Our doctors get paid too much and our insurance companies too greedy.We have to fix that!French system isn’t bad but it might fail here in the US.

  10. @RodneyJ725 Certainly its not free. Its paid via Taxes, But I prefer it this way. I´╗┐ would hate to not be able to have life saving care because I cant afford the health insurance.

  11. @cherrion11265 I agree that I also like the UK and France’s systems.´╗┐ But, you do pay for them, through much higher taxes than we face in the USA. Personally, I prefer the higher tax and universal healthcare (as we call it here in the use, that UK and France has).

    I just did not want you to have the illusion it is free. It’s paid for one way or another. ­čÖé

  12. Chris im self employed and i´╗┐ pay 500.00 a month for blue cross! for 2 people in there 30s
    see you have to make sure you tell people if they change some stuff is not coverd for the first 6 months! so if you have helpcare now and you want to change becarefull

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