Therefore we need the Government-Run Universal socialized Health Insurance

Therefore we need the Government-Run Universal socialized Health Insurance

A cartoon explanation of why we need a public health insurance option. Now that health care bill is passed, my friend Andy Lubershane (the animator) made a video about a topic near and dear to my heart: Climate and Energy Ministry. Please check it out here: Animated by Andy Lubershane. More comics note data in this comic is supported by this report: contains a lot more detail on current proposals for a public option.
Video Rating: 3/5

24 Replies to “Therefore we need the Government-Run Universal socialized Health Insurance”

  1. There r several problems with ur crackpot facist theory on healthcare: most of these government run programs u mentioned-medicare, education, firefighters- r broke or running on debt cuz the vast majority of politicians nowadays r for-profit as well

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