How exactly does mandating every American or person living in America have Health Insurance “reform” it?

How exactly does mandating every American or person living in America have Health Insurance “reform” it?

Question by Monster Brain: How exactly does mandating every American or person living in America have Health Insurance “reform” it?
Part 2: How does cutting Medicare improve health care for the elderly the very people the Dems claim will not be put out of the misery and counseled at the end of their lives?

Will Illegals be forced to buy health insurance or face deportation?

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Answer by Willow
The Democratic “heath care” plan was actually the Democratic “government takeover + taxation” plan.

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  1. No. Just as it’s impossible to make them buy car insurance, the same is with the case of health insurance. If Americans are forced to purchase health care and cover those who are not insured because they’re not tracked, then that will cause all the same problems that we have will car insurance and rising rates. It puts more money in the pockets of the insurance companies, which is the purpose of this scam.

  2. It doesn’t reform it, that’s the problem. It just penalizes the same people who didn’t have health insurance before by either forcing them to buy it, or fining and incarcerating them.

    Cutting Medicare won’t improve the health care for the elderly.

    Illegals should be deported anyway.

  3. illegals will still just go to the ER…and dont forget….obama will have us all paying the insurance companies…..wait,….i thought they were evil,Mr. Obama…whats up with that?

  4. 1. Health insurance wasn’t free before and it’s not free now. The only difference is that I no longer have to pay for you.

    2. The bill contains no Medicare cuts.

    3. Remember Bush’s 2003 Medicare prescription drug bill, the one that passed with the votes of 204 GOP House members and 42 GOP Senators? Guess what it provided funding for – end of life counseling.

    4. Illegals face deportation anyway.

  5. Well it reforms it in the sense that those poor private health insurance companies weren’t making nearly enough money. Didn’t you see the news a while back? They only make between 2 and 3% percent profit off their gross, isn’t that horrible?

    So our wonderful lying manipulative Congress decided to get together and help them out, so now it’s a win win for both the insurance companies and the government.

    We will be forced to buy insurance under penalty of fine or imprisonment. Score for the insurance companies more customers!! Plus they can charge younger people more than older people! Even though older people cost more to insure, because AARP holds a lot of sway apparently. Plus even though they can’t deny coverage for a pre existing condition there is no limit to what they can charge for that coverage. Score for them again.

    So now the government will benefit, because as you know we have a crushing debt load, a failing economy, states are going to need bailing out soon and those occupations won’t pay for themselves, so all the people who refuse to buy insurance will pay a fine! Yah for the government! Oh wait, you think you can just not pay the fine and keep your money? No so fast because the IRS will be enforcing insurance compliance? No proof of health insurance? Ooops no refund, confiscated.

    If you happen to be smart and have your withholding set just right so the government doesn’t get an interest free loan from you every year and refuse to pay, well guess what? You’ll just go to jail eventually, and you might think the courts are clogged with real criminals and the police will be busy with real crimes to solve but don’t worry they be on all of you real quick to try and make you comply. In fact it will be so fast you’ll wonder why the heck do we have an illegal immigration problem if they got me so fast?

    So you don’t pay, you go to jail, that’s SCORE again for corporations, because our prison systems are privately run and paid for by the state out of our tax dollars.

    As far as the illegals go, nah they’ll be just fine, because it’s the corporations who want them here, because they will pick fruit for really cheap and they just don’t want to pay legal citizens even minimum wage and meet basic health code regulations for that type of job. Which makes sense considering the production of 90% of our food is concentrated in the hands of a few large companies. They have to make money somehow after all.

  6. I agree with the responses your getting but will add one of my own.
    How, and I mean that as HOW, can anyone claim any knowledge or understanding of what is in or out of this Bill ? The CBO has again, the 10th or 11th time, “revised” the “money” cost element, now saying the “reductions” in the Medicare/Medicaid, WON’T provide the planned money Congress wants.
    Only 9% of Congress says they have read the entire 2,000 page plus Bill, as currently held by Reid and Pelosi in complete SECRECY ! ( You can BET 7% of that 9% are LYING )
    So we KNOW the reasons to oppose and reject it. So how does ANY Liberal supporting this nightmare, claim to know what’s in it ? It’s insanity at a new level.

  7. It doesn’t really.
    the public option was the reform to bring down costs.
    maybe you should take that up with the people who opposed it.
    you can be sure most Americans who don’t see the affects f the public option certainly will.

  8. It doesn’t by itself. Obviously any sort of mandates would be part of a larger strategy.

    Part 2:
    If anything the current healthcare reform is going to end up placing an even more disproportionate financial burden on the YOUNG. By mandating insurance for young people who otherwise may have gone without, because they’re young and healthy and they put their hands in the air cause they just don’t care. Insurance that will cost them only somewhat less than insurance costs older people even though the real health care costs for younger people are MUCH less. But at least it will be, on the whole, a step in the right direction. I’m resigned to the reality that generations older than mine can’t stop raping the future overnight.

    As it is illegals are already given emergency treatment.

  9. The reform they want to make is the same thing the USA wrote in 1947 when the usa wrote the Japanese constitution. Japan has a much better health care system we do. If this system can work great for over 60 years in Japan, I think we can update it a little and have it work here fine.

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